Pros / This dual-zone cooler chills both red and white wines.

Cons / It can’t be built into a cabinet.

 Verdict / The Koldfront TWR81ES has an impressive temperature range that can effectively chill 18 red and white wines at the optimal temperatures.

The Koldfront TWR181ES wine cooler holds 18 standard-size bottles in two separate zones that can keep both red and white wines at ideal temperatures. It also gets cold enough to chill sparkling wines. The overall temperature range is between 60 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very impressive for a thermoelectric cooling system.

The upper zone of this wine fridge has a single removable rack that holds six bottles of wine. The lower zone holds 12 bottles and has three removable racks. When the racks are removed, it can hold taller or opened bottles of wine upright. The two chill sections are separated by the digital controls that let you set and adjust the temperature in both zones. You can obviously keep both zones the same temperature if you want to have a single type of wine throughout the whole fridge.

This Koldfront cooler is black with platinum trim. The glass door is tempered to prevent UV rays from reaching your wines and spoiling them. It doesn’t come with a lock, so it’s important to place it somewhere children won’t be tempted to get in it. This cooler is just over one and a half feet tall, so it can easily sit on the kitchen counter out of reach and out of the way without taking up too much space. Because this is a freestanding fridge, it can’t be built into a cabinet or slid under a counter that doesn’t give it enough room for proper ventilation. If you’d like to have a built-in unit, check out our writeup on the Kalamera KRC30SZB – a freestanding unit that can also be built into a cabinet.

The dual-zone Koldfront TWR181ES keeps both red and white wines chilled at the optimal temperatures for each. It holds 18 wine bottles, six on top and 12 on bottom. It isn’t a built-in model, so it can’t be placed in a cabinet, but it is small enough to fit on top of your kitchen counter without taking up too much room.

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