Pros / This dual-zone wine cooler can chill up to 18 standard-size bottles.

Cons / It cannot be delivered to California.

 Verdict / This dual-zone, free-standing wine fridge can properly cool both white and red wines, making it an efficient choice for chilling your wine collection.

“Wine Enthusiast” is a wine magazine that also has a website featuring select wine accessories, including the Wine Enthusiast 272031805 18-bottle wine fridge. This is a dual-zone cooler, so you can chill more than one type of wine at a time with each zone programed for a different temperature. You can set the temperature between 66 degrees, which is perfect for red wines, and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, which is optimal for most white and sparkling wines.

The door of this wine fridge has glass on top, so you can see in and know what you have stored there. However, the lower part of the fridge is blocked since the glass doesn’t carry on down the door. The digital controls and thermostat are situated in the middle of the door, between the two chill zones. This model doesn’t have a locking door, so it isn’t as good at keeping young children out as other models that do lock. If this is a feature you’d like to have, check out our review of the Avanti EWC1201. It is single-zone cooler, but it includes a locking door.

This Wine Enthusiast cooler is the tallest model we looked at, and is part of the Slimline collection. It stands over 37 inches high, over 3 feet, so it would work best standing on the floor instead of on a countertop. The black finish and modern digital display give it a sleek look that matches well with most décor. The wine racks are made of metal and can be removed to accommodate taller or wider bottles. It gives you even more storage options since there are shelves both for storing wine bottles on their side and upright.

Because it is a freestanding model, this Wine Enthusiast isn’t meant to be installed inside a cabinet or under a counter. This is mainly because the thermoelectric cooling system requires adequate ventilation space, and treating it as a built-in may void the one-year warranty that comes with this unit. Thermoelectric coolers are more environmentally friendly as they do not use harmful CFC coolants, and they require less energy to run. One downside, however, of the Wine Enthusiast cooler is it doesn’t comply with California’s energy efficiency standards, so it isn’t available to purchase in (or ship to) California. For more information you can check out the guidelines on the California Energy Commission website.

For the price, this is a good introductory wine fridge that can adequately cool a small collection of white and red wines. If you are looking for an efficient option, the Wine Enthusiast 272031805 Slimline cool might suit your needs, though it isn’t an available to Californians.

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