Pros / This is an extremely energy efficient portable washing machine.

Cons / You don't get dispensers for detergent or fabric softener.

 Verdict / The Avanti TLW16DOW portable washer runs quietly, uses little electricity and can handle reasonably large loads of laundry.

Life in a small apartment or condo doesn't mean you have to lug your dirty clothes to a laundromat. The Avanti TLW16DOW portable washing machine can be stashed in a closet until you need to use it. You simply tilt it backward and move it using the two rolling wheels on the back and the recessed handles on the sides over to a sink. Then you simply hook it up to the faucet to get water, put the drain hose in the sink and get to work.

Besides saving the cost and the aggravation of going to a laundromat, you also will realize some good savings on your electric bill with the Avanti since this is a remarkably energy efficient portable washer. It uses about 103 kilowatts of electricity per year, assuming you do a reasonable amount of laundry under ordinary conditions. That will cost you an estimated $12 a year, or a mere $1 per month, which is certainly less than any coin-operated washing machine.

With dimensions of 37.15 in height, 20.25 in width, 20.75 in depth, this washer is about average in size for a portable washing machine and weighs less than the average of the products we reviewed. It comes with a noise reduction plate in the front, so even if you live in multi-family housing, your washer is unlikely to bother you or your neighbors.

The inside is 1.6 cubic feet, which can certainly handle a good-sized load of laundry. Unfortunately, you do not get dispensers for detergent or fabric softener, which most portable washers offer.

This washes your clothes using a pulsating system that includes a wash plate at the bottom of the washer, swishing your clothes through the water to clean and rinse them. You can be assured that this portable washing machine will get quite a bit of water out of the clothes once they go through the spin cycle since the maximum spin is 800 rpm. Less moisture in the now-clean clothes means a shorter drying time, which is always welcome since doing laundry is not everyone's idea of a fun activity.

This portable washer is designed with six washing cycles, which will work nicely for most households, one water level setting and four load-size settings. You get an LED display on the control panel and you can see what's happening with your wash since this machine features a see-through lid. The display counts down the amount of time left in a washing cycle so you know how much longer it will take before the load is finished, and the machine will signal when the cycle is done. This compact portable washing machine has a stainless steel tub and comes in white with black accents and a black control panel.

If you need to leave for a bit or have some other task to do, you can prepare this washer to run a cycle with the clothing and detergent inside, then set the delay start function so clean clothes will be ready for you on your timetable.

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  • Annual Electricity Usage
  • Annual Estimated Energy Cost
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Capacity
  1. How much electricity the washer uses over a year.
    Less is Better.
  2. 6  Avanti
    103.0 Kilowatt Hours
  3. 191.0 Kilowatt Hours
  4. 271.0 Kilowatt Hours
  5. 290.0 Kilowatt Hours
  6. Category Average
    212.83 Kilowatt Hours


The Avanti TLW16DOW gives you a decent amount of washing cycles, the convenience of a delay start and exceptional savings on energy. It does not include dispensers for soap or fabric softener, but it provides enough controls so you can get clothes clean and save on your electric bill at the same time.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Design & Portability

Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Depth (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Capacity (cubic feet)
Maximum Spin (rpm)
Faucet Adaptor
Cabinet Handles
Noise Reduction Plate
Adjustable Feet

Cycles & Wash Settings

Wash Cycles
Water Level Settings
Heavy Cycle
Delicate Cycle
Quick Cycle
Spin Only
Soak Only

Estimated Energy Usage

Annual Electricity Usage (kWh)
Monthly Electricity Usage (kWh)
Annual Estimated Energy Cost
Monthly Estimated Energy Cost

Ease of Use Features

Remaining Time Indicator
Delay Start
End-of-Cycle Signal
Detergent Dispenser
Softener Dispenser

Help & Support

Labor & Parts Warranty
1 Year
Online Manual
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