Pros / This portable washer gives you an exceptionally large interior of 2.6 cubic feet, so you can wash more clothes than other models.

Cons / This GE model is the second heaviest washer on the lineup and lacks cabinet handles, making it less portable than other small washing machines.

 Verdict / Its weight makes it difficult to move around, but this GE model cleans bigger loads than other washers and gives you plenty of convenience features.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The compact GE WSLP1500HWW portable washing machine lets you clean plenty of laundry in tight spaces like an apartment, a condominium or even an RV if you’re touring around the country. With a generous 2.6 cubic foot stainless steel interior, this washer provides the largest interior of any of the portable washers we evaluated. With this, you can wash just about any reasonable amount of laundry in one load and then tuck this appliance someplace out of your way. You also get a number of different wash cycles and water settings so you can clean clothing precisely the way you want and ensure that fabrics are treated so that your wardrobe will last.

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Design & Portability

This GE model stands 36 inches high, 23.25 inches wide and 23.9 inches deep, making it a nicely compact portable washing machine. This model is the second heaviest on our lineup at 90 pounds. You can still carry it around the house, but its weight definitely lowers its portability. It also lacks cabinet handles, which also makes it a bit hard to carry. You can roll it on attached wheels and then put "leg stoppers" on the left and right sides of the front of the machine at the base to keep it from moving once it's in the spot you want.

Most portable washing machines attach to your kitchen faucet and drain into your sink. Instead, the GE 1500 connects to standard washer hookups via the hot and cold connectors. The drained water pumps through a U-hose in the back of the washer. This may be a tricky setup in most homes, so you should check the water connections in your home before purchasing this GE model.

This washer's spin reaches up to 680 rpm, one of the lowest speeds in our comparison. However, the GE makes up for its low speed with low energy use and other useful features.

For example, you get eight different wash cycles and seven water levels, which is exceptionally good for a portable washing machine. The different washing cycles can help clean fabrics correctly without being overly gentle and leaving in tough stains or being overly vigorous and harming soft, somewhat fragile fabrics. Along with that, the ability to adjust your water level settings will help you save money on water and electricity.

Cycles & Wash Settings

The cycles include standard settings like normal, heavy-duty and gentle. You will also find specialized cycles that are exclusive to this model. The GE gives you hand-wash and speed-wash settings, along with a cycle for delicate items and a soak cycle. Along with several wash cycles, the GE has options that you can apply to each cycle, including swimwear, extra rinse and gentle spin. These options also apply to the My Cycle setting, a customizable setting you can program into the machine for specialized clothes that fall between cleaning categories.

All these options and cycle settings allow you to vigorously wash the badly stained denim jeans you wore while working on your car and get them thoroughly clean. The various features work the other way as well, so you can carefully but thoroughly clean soft baby clothes and delicate items without harming them.

With this machine, you can do things like opt for a second rinse, which is great if you find the tiniest bit of soap residue irritating to your skin. You can set up the machine by putting a load of clothing inside, adding the detergent and any other laundry additives you use, and then selecting the delay start cycle so the machine will start working and the laundry will get done when it’s convenient for you. Another helpful feature is the deep fill, which provides plenty of water when you need it.

This GE model has a basket wash cycle you can use to clean the washtub of the machine itself at least once a month with hot water and bleach. This means you can clear away soap residue and any soil from this washer so that your clothing will get clean when you launder it since it is being washed in a sanitized machine.

Ease of Use Features

Most portable washing machines have some kind of detergent dispenser. This GE model is no exception. In addition, you also get designated places in the washer for fabric softener and for bleach. This allows you to soften and whiten clothes with your favorite detergent, which is a feature not available with all portable washing machines.

This portable washing machine employs an LED lighting display to show you the status of a cycle when the machine is in use, and you can tell how long you have to wait before you need to remove the clothes by checking the digital countdown cycle. In addition, it is equipped with a child lock, which is a fine safety feature to prevent children from potentially getting hurt if they try to play with the machine’s controls.

If you forget to close the lid completely, this washer will signal you by beeping. You also get a signal when a cycle is done so you can get that load out and begin drying your clothes. If you find the sound annoying, you can mute the signal.

Help & Support

GE has been in business a long time and knows how to help its customers. If you encounter difficulties with this washer, you can contact the company by email or phone. The website also includes an online manual you can check and a FAQs section. You also can make use of live chat, which is a speedy way to get answers to your questions.


The GE WSLP1500HWW gives you plenty of choices for wash cycles, water settings and customized cleaning so your clothes will be cared for properly. This portable washing machine is relatively inexpensive to operate, offers a big cleaning basket and provides several useful and convenient features that help make doing your laundry at home a simple process.

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