Pros / It employs patented RED technology that allows its components to work together at an optimum level.

Cons / You must request an estimate to find out how much it costs.

 Verdict / If you own a lawn-care company, you would be amiss if you didn’t consider this riding lawnmower.

If you’re looking for a durable, functional and efficient riding lawn mower for your business, the Lazer Z X-Series by eXmark is an outstanding choice due to wide selection, easy maintenance, powerful engines and heavy-duty construction. The X-Series has 12 models to choose from, and at least one of them is likely to fill your needs.

All of the professional-grade riding lawn mowers in the X-Series feature eXmark’s unique RED technology. This on-board intelligence allows the mower’s components to communicate with each other to enhance the life of the machine, increase performance and enhance fuel efficiency. You can access all of the RED features through an integrated LCD screen, a nice upgrade from older models’ rocker switch.

RED technology also monitors engine temperature, oil pressure and the electrical system. If there’s a problem with your mower, it will automatically switch into Safe Transport Mode, allowing you to get the machine serviced before any permanent damage is done. It also reduces wear and tear on the clutch by briefly slowing the mower’s RPM while the clutch is engaged, thus increasing both the life of the clutch and the machine as a whole.

These riding lawn mowers come with a number of accessories that increase the usefulness and versatility of the machines. You get a cover to protect it from weather and other elements, an easy-to-use jack that makes changing blades and other maintenance much easier, a light kit for night jobs, a hitch kit that enables you to attach a trailer or other auxiliary vehicle, a micro mulch system to help reduce clumping and grass buildup, plus a lot more.

If you’re interested in an X-Series machine, you have to request a price estimate or get a demo before you can buy. This is somewhat inconvenient, but also understandable since these riding mowers are generally targeted at professional users.

The mowers have an outstanding five-year warranty period. No other brand or model we looked at has that lengthy of a warranty period. This shows that eXmark takes great pride in their product and stands behind it in a truly remarkable way.

There isn’t much to complain about with this riding lawn mower, its constructed of high-quality materials, has advanced technology not found in other machines we evaluated, including our top pick. It has a number of very useful accessories. It’s an outstanding investment for your lawn-care company.

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