Pros / It has the widest cutting path of all the riding lawn mowers we reviewed – 54 inches.

Cons / It has a comparatively wide turning radius and small fuel tank.

 Verdict / You can’t go wrong with this model; it has everything you need and makes cutting your lawn a downright pleasurable experience.

The John Deere E180 Lawn Tractor is a durable riding mower that navigates difficult terrain. Designed with pros and serious lawn-care devotees in mind, the E180 Lawn Tractor has several features that make it an attractive option for heavy-duty jobs.

This lawn tractor boasts a front-mounted V-twin engine that delivers 26 hp to take on hilly and uneven terrain. The riding mower tops out at 5.5 mph for an easily controlled ride. The fuel gauge sits in easy view as you mow so that you always know how much gas you have left.

This lawn tractor features a cutting width of 54 inches – no other mower we reviewed has this wide of a cutting path. The impressive width subtracts the number of passes over your grass to finish mowing faster.

The blades adjust to 11 different positions between 1 inch and 4 inches high for a custom cut. This allows you to get the exact lawn height you want. And it’s easily adjustable, so if you have zones in your yard that you want to keep at different lengths, it only takes a few seconds to adjust so you can get on with mowing.

With a wide turning radius of 18 inches, this riding mower works best in large, unobstructed yards or open fields. Some mowers can turn as tight as 14 inches, while others employ zero-turn technology for navigating around trees and other obstacles.

A pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission frees your hands from fiddling with a shifter knob while you steer. Cruise control allows you to set the speed you like and focus on what's in front of the riding mower instead of your speed.

The mower's deck uses strong 11-gauge steel for stability and endurance. A covered tray protects your tools until you need them to switch out accessories or perform routine maintenance on the riding mower. The mower's durability extends to the finish, which is coated with powder to protect the famous John Deere green and keep it looking new.

This riding lawn mower is equipped with a 2.4-gallon fuel tank – plenty of fuel to finish a lawn, but about a gallon smaller than the largest tank in our comparison.

The headlights on this riding lawnmower are bright and provide good visibility in low-light situations such as at dawn and dusk. However, you should never mow in completely dark situations. Even these powerful lights won’t make it safe enough to do that.

On the right fender, you’ll find a small storage compartment. This is convenient for storing a drink and emptying out your pockets while you mow.

The power and versatility of this riding mower make it great for professional maintenance and landscaping jobs, and the tractor can haul a yard-striping accessory for sports fields and outdoor events. John Deere currently makes 16 tow-behind tools compatible with the E180 Lawn Tractor, so you can use it in virtually any mowing job.

Like many riding lawn mowers, this model has a soft, ergonomic seat for strain-free riding. A cup holder lets you stay refreshed on long jobs. The deluxe padded 14-inch steering wheel keeps your hands feeling fine throughout the day.

The John Deere E180 Lawn Tractor comes with a two-year, or 120-hour ride time warranty to protect your investment. This is standard fare among the riding lawn mowers we reviewed. However, we did see some with three- or five-year warranties.

A few small quibbles aside, this is the best riding lawn mower you can buy. If you have an average-to-large yard, it’s hard to go wrong with anything made by John Deere, but this model in particular is an outstanding choice that no one will regret making.

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