Pros / It only weighs 340 pounds, making it easy to load into a truck for transport.

Cons / It has no throttle control or reverse mowing.

 Verdict / This is a decent machine with a powerful engine and several convenient accessories.

The Murray 24-inch, 190-cc rear-engine riding mower is a good, light-duty riding mower for city dwellers with small to medium-sized yards. Its small frame makes it easy to run over a lawn and drive right into the garage for storage.

This is a compact riding mower with a 24-inch cutting width. Which is good enough, but relatively narrow when compared to our top pick's 54 inch cutting path. Its rear-mounted engine is a surprisingly powerful 190-cc Briggs & Stratton motor that generates up to 8.75 foot-pounds of torque. Another strength of this model is that it fits within most budgets. The mower's top ground speed is estimated between 4 mph and 6 mph.

While the transmission isn't automatic, there's no need to stop to switch gears with a shift-on-the-go gear selector knob. This riding mower has a six-speed transmission that lets you operate on mildly elevated terrain, although the narrow wheelbase isn't stable enough to tackle steep hills. Its slim profile and 18-inch turning radius can navigate medium shrubs and trees and reach tighter spaces between the fence and any obstacles.

A simple on/off switch makes this mower a cinch to start. The attached oil drain tube makes it easy to perform your own routine maintenance. A telescoping steering column maximizes comfort no matter your height. With a weight of just 340 pounds, this rider loads easily onto a truck for convenient transportation.

The flexible frame helps the riding mower cut over uneven terrain for extreme utility, and its durability is enhanced by a steel front axle. The included mulching kit helps maintain the health of your lawn and improves its look. Murray offers a rear bag for collecting the grass cuttings.

You can rest assured with Murray's two-year limited warranty protection. If you need to perform any maintenance beyond simple oil changes or tire replacements, the entire motor and blade are easy to access, and the internal machinery is nearly as simple as your run-of-the-mill home push mower.

There are a couple of drawbacks to this riding lawn mower, chief among them being A lack of throttle control or reverse gear. Neither of these are deal-breakers for most people, but it’s definitely worth being aware of.

Murray's rear-engine riding lawn mower is an affordable option for modest lawn-care needs. Its simple operation makes it an excellent mower for any member of your household to ride.

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