Pros / It has the best incline-climbing ability of the models we reviewed.

Cons / The mower takes an exceptionally long time to recharge.

 Verdict / The Denna L600 is a good machine for hilly yards, but it might leave your lawn unfinished for several hours due to its long charge time.

The Denna L600 robot lawn mower is safe to use and environmentally friendly. In addition, it has a great incline-climbing capacity and comes in three colors. Compared to top-tier robot lawn mowers, this machine is relatively cheap, costing around $1,000. However, it missed out on being our best value pick because of its charge time.

Along with the mower, the box contains a remote control, charging station and perimeter wire. It’s simple enough to install, but placing the perimeter wire properly is key. Unfortunately, you can’t opt to have a professional install the wire for you.

Depending on whether you buy the 24V or 8ah battery, the average charging time is three to four hours or two to three hours, respectively. These are the longest charge times we encountered. However, the machine lasts longer between charges than most models we reviewed. On a full charge, the mower runs for one to two hours with the 24V battery and two to three hours with the 8ah battery.

The L600’s blade spins at 3,200 rpm. This is fast enough to pick up and throw debris the mower runs over, so it is important to clear your lawn of sticks, rocks and other items while it runs. This model has infrared detection that slows the machine when it senses a large obstacle, but it doesn’t necessarily keep them from colliding.

The Denna L600 has a mowing width of 9.44 inches, and it can automatically mow approximately 2,300 square feet of lawn each day. If you have a particularly hilly or uneven yard, this robotic lawn mower is definitely worth considering. It can climb inclines up to 30 degrees – far steeper than the listed ability of our top choice, the Husqvarna Automower 315.

The L600 robot lawn mower is made of rigid ABS plastic, so it can withstand the rigors of frequent or daily use. It’s easy to store the mower since its handle folds completely into the body to save space.

The Denna L600 robot lawn mower has a brushless motor that operates at 60 watts. It has an average walking speed of only 1.5 feet per second, which is somewhat slow. The deck is adjustable and mows grass to between 1 and 2.5 inches high.

You can purchase the Denna L600 in three colors: gray, yellow and blue. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s good to have that variety. However, other lawn mowers we reviewed come with removable covers you can swap out for different colors.

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The Denna L600 is a mixed bag. It’s inexpensive compared to other models, and it has great incline climbing abilities. However, the machine takes a long time to recharge. It’s great for hilly yards, but outside of that, most of the other mowers we evaluated meet or surpass this one in almost every way.

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