iMobie PhoneRescue Review

The iMobie PhoneRescue system boasts that it can retrieve 22 different types of data, which is almost double the average number of files most competitors can restore.

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iMobie PhoneRescue image: This software has a safe and reliable solution for you to recover your most important data or files right from your device.
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iMobie PhoneRescue image: You can recover deleted data from your camera roll, photo stream, and voicemails with the iTunes backup mode.
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iMobie PhoneRescue image: PhoneRescue can download restore all your files from your previous backup in your iCloud.
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iMobie PhoneRescue image: This software allows you to be able to scan through your photos and videos then restore them with the same original quality.

The iMobie PhoneRescue system boasts that it can retrieve 22 different types of data, which is almost double the average number of files most competitors can restore. Going beyond restoration of text messages and call history, iMobie is able to recover iPhone photos, music, chat history, voicemails and ringtones, and Safari browser bookmarks. Most notably, this iPhone data recovery software is able to recover data from third-party apps. It can recover files lost due to any type of deletion, whether the device was damaged, lost, unsuccessfully upgraded, jailbroken or factory restored.

This software offers the three most common types of iOS data recovery. You can perform a direct scan of your device by connecting the device to a local computer and exporting salvageable data onto the desktop. It must be noted that this option is only available if the device is in some semblance of working order. If the device cannot be powered on, the software cannot scan it and you must choose another recovery method.

If your device was lost or stolen, PhoneRescue can extract backup files from your local computer’s most recent iTunes backup batch. Sometimes these files are encrypted, in which case you must provide your Apple ID passcode to access the backups. The third and final method offered by this iPhone recovery tool is to access the most recent backup saved to your iCloud account. The most obvious drawback to this method is that it requires a backup to have been saved and synced with your device prior to the data loss.

PhoneRescue allows you to sift through your files and select only the ones you need, resulting in less time and storage space wasted in the recovery process. The interface of the software is intuitive and user-friendly, easing the stress and panic of data loss by keeping the recovery process easy to understand.

iMobie offers a free trial on its website, which lets you make sure that the software will work before you actually purchase it. However, with the free trial version, you cannot recover iPhone photos or other data. It is simply a way to test the interface and device compatibility. One other major drawback is that current versions of the software cannot replace recovered files back onto an iOS device. The developers maintain that this feature will be added in future versions of the software, but until then, any recovered software is relegated to computer storage.

The price is on the higher side of average, but the license covers up to three local computers. The FAQ list on the manufacturer’s website is exhaustive, although a technical support phone number isn’t immediately visible. Taken together, the benefits and drawbacks make this software an adequate option to recover deleted photos from iPhones, but not an amazing one.