What is the largest dishwasher in 2024?

Largest dishwashers
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The largest dishwashers can be an absolute lifesaver if you have a large household or you like to regularly host. They can be a convenient way to get through stacks of dishes with minimal input on your end – plus, a generously sized model will not only help you avoid having to stuff your plates in at odd angles to make them fit, but they'll also ensure there's enough space between them so that they're washed thoroughly. 

With the best dishwashers, size matters. As a guide, check out the number of place settings the dishwasher can accommodate. One place setting means it can accommodate a full set of dishes and utensils for one person. Your average full-sized model has the capacity for 11-15 place settings, while the biggest model that we've included here can stretch to an impressive 17, ideal for serving a crowd. 

Place settings aren’t the only consideration. Look out for models with clever design features to maximize space. A third rack is a winner for squeezing in more utensils. Adjustable racks are a great bonus, allowing you to flex the space to slot in your most awkward pans. If you’re after flexibility, collapsible tines are another smart choice. 

The largest dishwashers we recommend in 2024

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We've rounded up the largest dishwashers that consumers can buy for their own kitchen, taking into account the number of place settings, the amount of racks, and the dimensions that the dishwasher offers. Place settings are the most important aspect to take into consideration, as this will determine how many of each plate, cup, bowl, etc., you'll be able to place inside for a thorough clean. 

The largest dishwasher: Our top pick

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This is the largest dishwasher currently on the market


Type: Built-in, top control
Dimensions: 24W x 34.3H x 22.6D inches
Sound rating: 40 dBA
Place settings: 17
Racks: 3
Features: Supercleaning System+™, LED Interior light, Turbo Drying, Wide Spray™, Jet Spray™
Warranty: Limited 2-year parts and labor

Reasons to buy

Ample space
Auto wash

Reasons to avoid

Long cycles

The Asko DBI675IXXLS helps you power through piles of dishes in no time. Accommodating an impressive 17-place setting, it is generously sized enough for large households and people who often host guests. 

What the users say…

One four-star review on Appliances Connection praised the “thorough and strong” washing power of the Asko DBI675IXXLS. Elsewhere, customers mention that it’s generously sized. A helpful bonus feature that reviewers love is the LED interior lighting that turns on when you open the dishwasher. A few reviews report that customer service is a little lackluster, though you can be reassured that the product does come with a two-year warranty.  

The third rack offers added versatility for oversized utensils. Thanks to the Flexiracks and foldable tines, you can easily adjust the settings to maximize the space. 

Love entertaining? With a low decibel rating of 40 dBA, you don’t have to worry about this model interrupting your conversation. Plus, the Kid Safe mode gives you peace of mind if there are little ones around. 

With a Scandinavian-inspired design, the Asko DBI675IXXLS fits seamlessly into a minimalist kitchen. It’s not style over substance, though. The auto sensor means it can tailor the water levels depending on the load without the headache of figuring it out. 

If sustainability is important to you, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a green mode to save water and energy. However, that generous capacity comes at a premium, as the Asko DBI675IXXLS isn’t the cheapest option on our list at over $1,600 (although, it should be noted that it also isn't the most expensive either!). 

The largest dishwasher: more great picks

What to look for when choosing a large dishwasher

Not sure whether having one of the largest dishwashers is worth it for you and your household? Below, we break down the pros and cons of having a large machine. 

Why is having the largest dishwasher possible important?

The largest dishwashers are designed to make your life easier. They may be a sound investment if you regularly feed a crowd. In a big household, a super-sized appliance can be a lifesaver, helping you keep on top of ever-mounting stacks of dishes. 

Love entertaining? A generously sized dishwasher takes the chore out of tidying up, with the larger models accommodating up to 17 place settings. It can free you up to spend more time socializing with your guests. 

Many large dishwashers are taller than standard models (24 inches compared to 18 inches), enabling you to power through the washing up.

It's not all about the external measurements - what’s on the inside counts. Consider the layout if you want to squeeze in as many pots and pans as possible. Nifty features like adjustable racks and collapsible tines allow you to make the most of your space. A third rack is a must for added capacity. 

Large dishwashers are a fantastic choice for accommodating oversized items, like casserole dishes, serving platters, and blenders. This might be a consideration if you enjoy getting creative in the kitchen but are not so keen on washing up. 

While you can expect to pay more for a super-sized dishwasher, it may offer better value. As a rule of thumb, it’s more cost-efficient to run one large load rather than multiple cycles in a smaller machine or by hand. 

“Consumers can be highly efficient, potentially washing days of dishes in one cycle, versus manually hand washing and drying the same number of dishes with running water from a faucet,” says Richard Tarrant, Senior Vice President of the Dish & Laundry Care Business Unit at the BSH Home Appliances Corporation.

The good news is that opting for a large dishwasher has no impact on the cleaning performance. You can expect a pristine finish regardless of the size of the load. 

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What are the downsides to having a large dishwasher?

While a large dishwasher boasts convenience, you’ll need to weigh this against other considerations. 

“The main trade-offs between dishwasher sizes are cabinet space and capacity of the dishwasher,” says Richard. While a large dishwasher may accommodate more place settings, it may not be the right fit for your kitchen.

One potential downside is the cost. You can expect the initial outlay to be considerably more for one of the largest dishwashers compared to standard-sized models. “A larger dishwasher requires more material in each component, which can impact the cost of production and end price,” explains Richard. 

The models that we've listed above range from a budget option of $845 all the way up to $5,050. If you want a large appliance without it costing the earth, you may decide to seek bargains in the sales.

Concerned about running costs? Big models are typically more expensive to run as you need to heat up more water. If you’re on a budget, look out for Energy Star-certified models. They use considerably less water and save money on your bills compared to standard appliances. 

Sustainability is another factor. Typically, a large dishwasher uses more water because it’s taller. Plus, you may need additional water to supply the third rack and extra jets. Prioritize models with eco-settings if this is important to you.

If you want a large dishwasher for entertaining, you may worry about the cost of running the machine on light days. In this scenario, look for models that offer a half–load cycle. It can save money and minimize the use of water, which is beneficial for you and the environment. 

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