LG LDF5545SS dishwasher review

The LG LDF5545SS is a high-quality dishwasher at an affordable price, complete with a multi-arm wash system to ensure thorough cleaning of even the hardest to reach areas.

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The LG LDF5545SS has an impressive feature set, including quiet running and an advanced filtration system, for a very reasonable price. Though it doesn’t have the interactive smart features of other machines, its customizable racks allow space to be created for further items if needed.


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    Quiet running

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    Four jet arms


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    No smart features

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    Complaints of long wash cycles

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The LG LDF5545SS is a machine that’s designed to impress and doesn’t make a fuss as it does so. From user reviews to installation tips, this guide will assess if this no-frills appliance is a good fit for your home.

The best dishwashers (opens in new tab) can vary drastically in price, but are united in their goal of making mess after mealtimes easy to handle. The LG LDF5545SS is one such dishwasher, with lots of great features packed in for under $800. So if you’re looking for a high-performing dishwasher that isn’t too pricey, this is certainly worth your consideration. 

LG LDF5545SS essential info


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1.Prices start at $749

2. Can fit up to 15 place settings

3. Extremely quiet running 

4. Very energy efficient 

5. Available in five colors/finishes 

6.10-year warranty on motor 

7. AutoCycle sets the best washing cycle 

8. LED display 

9. Uses QuadWash technology 

10. Costs approximately $36 a year to power 

The LG LDF5545SS is focused on washing dishes right the first time; aided by QuadWash technology and an additional sensor to measure dirt in order to cultivate the correct clean for each cycle. The introduction of QuadWash technology in this machine involves four spray arms working together rather than two, in order to deep clean dishes from multiple angles. 

This LG model has nine cycles to choose from (including Auto, Heavy and Delicate), which are accessible from the machine’s LED display. It also has a machine clean cycle built-in, designed to eliminate residual odors and dirt, which can be combined with a citric cleaning agent to improve overall cleanliness. For more on how to keep your dishwasher in prime condition, check out our advice on how to clean a dishwasher (opens in new tab)

LG LDF5545SS: How big is it?

  •  Height: 33.6 (in) 
  •  Depth: 24.6 (in) 
  •  Width: 23.8 (in) 

This is a built-in appliance designed to blend into any kitchen with ease. Its controls are located at the front of the machine as part of the LED interface and it is available in five colors and finishes. The colors without a stainless steel finish are cheaper, with the white option costing just $649, an ideal option if you’re on a budget. 

Energy costs are of course dependent on where exactly you live, but on average the LG LDF5545SS costs $31 a year to run. Sold as one of the most efficient machines available, this dishwasher won’t burn a hole in your pocket and is better for the planet than other alternatives which do not qualify for the first-tier energy rating.

In terms of capacity, the LG can fit up to 15 place settings into one wash, which makes it a capable machine when it comes to size. It also has the added bonus of the ‘EasyPlus’ racking system, which uses shifting racks to allow the user to fit more into the machine. If you often have more dishes than you can easily contend with, this feature will come in extremely handy.

LG LDF5545SS: How easy is it to install?


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You can install this dishwasher yourself, but there is both an extensive list of parts and tools required as well as the hefty weight of the machine to consider. Installation services are included or available at both BestBuy and HomeDepot, so consider if it’s worth having a professional do the job instead.

Whether or not you decide to install yourself, be sure to pick up a new dishwasher connection kit for the LG LDF5545SS. This is not included with purchase but can be found at both Home Depot (opens in new tab) and BestBuy (opens in new tab). Whichever dishwasher hook-up kit you buy, be sure to check its compatibility with your chosen appliance. Other things to be considered are the closeness of your water supply line and electrical outlets, even if you are having a third party install your machine. 

Adequate space is another crucial concern when buying your dishwasher, as you need to be sure that the machine’s door has enough space to open. As stated above, the depth of the machine when the door is closed comes to 24.6 inches. However, when the door is open at a 90-degree angle the depth is 50.5 inches. Given that this is a sizable difference in proportions, make sure there are no hazards that would give you any problems when it comes to installation. 

If you need something ultra-compact to aid your dishwashing, then check out our guide to the best countertop dishwashers. (opens in new tab)

LG LDF5545SS: What’s good about it?

The LG LDF5545SS aims to be ‘a dishwasher that gets it done right, the first time’. There are certainly a few features that prove that this machine would make a reliable addition to a household, with its emphasis on flawless washing results. The first of these features is the machine’s two additional spray arms which make up the QuadWash system, with maximum coverage in mind. The four rotating arms use a sweeping, bi-directional movement to enhance the cleaning process, with high pressure being applied in particularly hard-to-reach areas. 

The choice of wash cycles is varied, with nine options to choose from, ranging from delicate to more heavy-duty cleaning. The LG LDF5545SS can also use AutoSense technology to match up the dirtiness of the dishes to a wash cycle, so you don’t even need to worry yourself with the different programs. What’s more, the machine’s Dual Zone technology can also automatically vary the intensity of the wash in the upper and lower racks, meaning all items get an even clean. 

Sadly, this LG model doesn’t have the smart capabilities of competing machines, such as the LG LDT6809SS (opens in new tab), and therefore can’t be set to run via your smartphone. However, it does have the additional NFC Tag On feature which lets you download new cycles from your phone onto your machine. That makes it customizable to a degree and does allow users to keep abreast of any of the brand’s updates.

More than just a great cleaner, the LG LDF5545SS is also a home-friendly appliance, with its ultra-quiet running. The running of this dishwasher is only 48 decibels loud, which is about the volume of an average conversation. That means you can set your dishes off to clean any time of the day without issue or even settle down to watch a film in the adjoining film without worrying about distractions. The whisper-quiet running is due to having fewer moving parts in the motor, which means less noise is emitted and more energy is saved.

As well as being ultra-quiet, this dishwasher’s motor is protected by a ten-year warranty, which is one of the best on the market. That makes it a reliable machine in terms of longevity, which is sure to bring peace of mind to any potential customer. The full scope of the warranty is one year on labor and parts, five years on electronics and racks, and ten years on the motor, as mentioned above. There’s a further limited lifetime warranty on the tub of the dishwasher itself too. This all makes the LG LDF5545SS an excellent choice if you want to make a purchase to last you well into the future.

LG LDF5545SS: What’s not so good about it?

As touched upon previously, the LG LDF5545SS is seriously lacking in smart features. Unlike other models, this machine cannot be controlled from your smartphone for ease of use, nor can you receive notifications when your washing cycle is complete. This is reflected in the machine’s lower price, but may be disappointing to those who like to have all of their home appliances controlled via one neat app.

What’s more, though there are five differently priced color and finish options for this LG, only the most expensive model comes with a fingerprint-proof stainless steel exterior. That means you will need to hand out more money if you want to purchase the best-looking machine of the series. 


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LG LDF5545SS: User reviews

The LG LDF5545SS currently has a 4.3-star rating out of five on Home Depot from 2,058 reviews. 

A large majority of reviewers took the time to remark on how quiet the machine is, with one user saying it was “substantially quieter while providing more thorough and consistent cleaning” than her previous LG machine. Another reviewer found that the adjustable EasyRacks had “excellent flexibility” and made loading up the machine after dinner considerably easier. They also found the front located controls useful saying that the display on the front is “helpful for knowing when a load is done”.

Other users found that the cleaning cycles themselves could be quite lengthy, with one stating that it “took two and a half hours to do a normal wash load”. Others were less inclined towards the ventless drying system of the machine, especially if their last dishwasher had used a heating element. 

Should you buy the LG LDF5545SS?

The LG LDF5545SS is designed to be a quiet, efficient, reliable machine and is a great option if you want a well-performing appliance that won’t be too costly. The affordability of this dishwasher means you lack super snazzy features, like smart compatibility, but if you need a machine that gets the job done, this dishwasher will not disappoint.

What’s more, it’s a great choice in terms of its warranty, with its ten-year guarantee on its motor showing the reliability and quality of the machine’s parts. 

This appliance is also a winner when it comes to fitting into your home with ease, with its easy to maneuver interface and whisper-quiet running. With many reviewers saying they had to check their machine was on because they couldn’t believe it ran so quietly, the LG LDF5545SS is certainly an appliance that can become part of your home with ease.

Not sure if this is the one for you?

If the LG LDF5545SS isn’t scrubbing up well enough for you, be sure to check out the KitchenAid  KDPE234GPS (opens in new tab), which is a similarly affordable appliance with a fingerprint-resistant finish. Or, if you’re a little bit tighter on space, you should definitely consider the GE PDT145SGLWW (opens in new tab), which has excellent cleaning results and can be hooked up to your smart speaker too.

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