LG Signature LUDP8908SN dishwasher review

The LG Signature LUDP8908SN is a high tech, super quiet dishwasher with a ton of smart features.

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The LG Signature LUDP8908SN is a well-designed Energy Star certified dishwasher with a ton of time-saving smart features. The TrueSteam mode pumps steam into the tub before a wash to remove tough stains, while the four armed ‘QuadWash’ provide a powerful deep clean. It has three racks, including an adjustable one, and 15 place settings, making it ideal for big families. But one of the biggest pulls is how whisper quiet it is, just 38 decibels.


  • +


  • +

    Steam cleaning for prewash

  • +

    3 racks inc. an adjustable one

  • +

    Very quiet

  • +

    Wifi enabled

  • +

    Water saving features

  • +

    Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • -


  • -

    Touch pad might lose sensitivity over time

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The LG Signature LUDP8908SN dishwasher is WiFi-enabled dishwasher with some water and time saving features big families will love. LG is a very reputable brand, known for its modern design and high quality home appliances. And this model is no exception. 

LG Signature LUDP8908SN: Key specs

Image of LG LUDP8908SN dishwasher

(Image credit: LG)

Dimensions: 23.75" x 33.62" x 24.6"
Control Location: TopFront
Noise level: 38 dBA
Place settings: 15
Racks: 3
Cycles: 10
ENERGY STAR certified: Yes
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

It’s packed with user-friendly features which, like all the best dishwashers, help you spend less time cleaning dishes. Its innovative TrueSteam technology use steam power to pre-wash dirty dishes before the main wash begins so there’s no need to rinse plates beforehand. It has a ‘dual zone’ feature that sprays water at two different intensities for a deeper clean and four washing arms (which LG calls QuadWash), compared with the usual two on standard dishwashers.

The LG Signature LUDP8908SN dishwasher is Wifi-enabled so you can remotely track cycle progress and troubleshoot any problems. One of the biggest pulls is how quiet the appliance is, literally whisper quiet at 38dB, so you won’t be disturbed by a cycle and can easily run it overnight. In fact, it's actually our pick for the quietist dishwasher that you can currently buy. With 10 wash cycles and 15 place setting capacity, it’s a great option for larger families with lots of dishes to clean with minimal fuss. It’s Energy Star certified, so it saves money and energy. 

In this review we’ll assess and break down the specs, features and user reviews to help compare this dishwasher to other models. The LG Signature dishwasher gets mostly positive feedback online, with many people saying it’s the best dishwasher they’ve ever had. If you’re looking for other home appliances be sure to check out our guides to the best ovens and the best freezers.

LG Signature LUDP8908SN: Design

The design of the LG Signature LUDP8908SN dishwasher is minimalist and stylish design with hidden touch controls, an LED display and bar handle. It’s top controlled, a feature we find very user-friendly than front-controlled machines.

The interior has three racks including an adjustable one that can be raised or lowered to accommodate tall glasses or large crockery, while the top rack is great for cutlery and utensils.

Image of LG LUDP8908SN dishwasher

(Image credit: LG)

With its ‘QuadWash’ four-arm cleaning system (as opposed to the standard two in most dishwashers), it makes light work of even the dirtiest dishes with no need to pre-rinse, even on a turbo cycle.  

It comes in just one colour, silver, and is made from textured stainless steel and has a footprint of 23.75” x 33.62” x 24.62”.

LG Signature LUDP8908SN: Features

LG has really gone all out to create a dishwasher packed with intuitive features that deliver some serious cleaning power. First up, its TrueSteam tech that pumps steam into the tub before the wash begins to remove tough stains and caked on food. LG encourages you not to pre-wash dishes before putting them in the washer, and during testing even a bowl of melted cheese came out spotless. This is a great time saving feature that we particularly enjoyed.

Image of LG LUDP8908SN dishwasher

(Image credit: LG)

The washer also has what it calls a Dual Zone feature – where it sprays water at two different intensities at the same time for a deeper clean. The QuadWash gets its name because the dishwasher has four washing arms in an X-shape pattern rather than the typical two, again intensifying the deep cleaning prowess. There’s even a half wash mode so you don’t have to wait to completely fill the dishwasher before putting it on. This feature saves water and energy by letting you wash only items in the lower or upper rack.

The dishwasher is wifi enabled, and via an app can update cycle progress, monitor your machine remotely as well as give updates on any problems. One of the best features though is how quiet the machine is, in fact LG claims it’s its quietest machine on the market. It’s so quiet in fact we often thought the cycle had finished without realising it was still running.

It has ten wash cycles and 15 place setting capacity so is ideal for big families or anyone with lots of dishes and cutlery in various sizes. It’s also Energy Star certified, so it saves money and energy. The hybrid condensing drying system dries dishes efficiently, too. 

LG Signature LUDP8908SN: Price and availability

The LG Signature LUDP8908SN dishwasher usually retails for $1499.99 / £1,220 – which is certainly in the higher price bracket than the average dishwasher. It’s available from a number of reputable retailers including LG, The Home Depot, Best Buy and US Appliance.

LG Signature LUDP8908SN: User reviews

The LG Signature LUDP8908SN gets excellent reviews on the LG website, averaging 4.2 out of five stars on the LG website. Fans of the dishwasher praise how quiet it is and how the steam function does a great job of removing food stains. Several users claim it’s the ‘best dishwasher they’ve ever had’, while reviewers on Best Buy said they loved how quiet it was and how the design ‘complements a modern kitchen really well”. 

However negative reviews cited issues with dishes coming out greasy, while another user saying they had a problem getting the touch sensor to start.

LG Signature LUDP8908SN: Expert reviews

So whom is the LG Signature LUDP8908SN dishwasher designed for? “It’s perfect for modern, tech-forward and design-centric homeowners who are fascinated by the latest electronic technologies and are looking to bring a sleeker, more minimalist look to the home,” says Victor Jacobia, Product Manager at LG USA.

He says: “What sets this dishwasher apart from most on the market is the unique finish of textured steel with its smudge resistant finish, paired with its very discreet 38dB whisper-quiet operation.  

“The dishwasher is packed with exclusive LG technology such as TrueSteam®, which uses the power of steam to penetrate and dissolve tough caked-on food but is still gentle enough for your favorite wine glasses, and QuadWash™ technology, which includes Multi-Motion spray arms combined with the Inverter Direct Drive motor to power clean dishes from multiple angles to reach every nook and cranny.” 

Should you buy the LG Signature LUDP8908SN?

There’s very little to fault with the LG Signature LUDP8908SN dishwasher, provided you have the budget as it is expensive. It’s ideal for large households and has a ton of smart features that save time, water and energy. 

It has a smart and modern design, and will appeal to tech fans who love state-of-the-art appliances that make life easier. 

It’s also great for anyone in shared accommodation or an apartment as it’s so quiet. If you are single, or a small family then it might be too big for your needs, and you might want to consider a more compact appliance like the HAVA countertop dishwasher.

How does the LG Signature LUDP8908SN compare to competitors?

If you’re on a budget, the Whirlpool WDF20PADM is a decent option for small families and couples. It’s quiet, energy-efficient and offers good value for money.

For a slightly cheaper option for families, the Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N dishwasher is worth considering. It has some great features and plenty of wash cycles, but it’s lacking smart features so if that’s something you rely on then this is not the machine for you.

If budget isn’t an issue then we’d recommend investing the KitchenAid Top Control Dishwasher – a premium, high capacity appliance that is a sleek and reliable for large families.

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