Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill review

The Lynx L30TRF Professional is a professional grade grill for those that want the best, no matter the cost.

Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill Review
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The Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill is one of the best gas grills out there right now. From the unique ceramic materials to the lifetime warranty, this exudes quality. A huge cooking area, smart wind nullifying lid that's easy to lift, infrared burner and multi-speed rotisserie make this a truly complete barbecue experience. There are even optional extras too, also all built to the highest quality. If the price isn't an issue, or you're on the fence about spending a bit more, you won't be disappointed with this superb grill.


  • +

    Never-rust ceramic burners

  • +

    Truly even heat distribution

  • +

    Infrared burner and rotisserie

  • +

    Lift assist hood


  • -

    Very expensive

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The Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill is one of the most premium gas grills you can buy and it's also one of the most capable. That's in terms of grilling abilities, features and longevity – everything you need then. But what you'd expect when you spend over $4,000?

The grill is made with super premium materials so it's meant to last with most of the major parts covered by a lifetime warranty. That includes the unique ceramic burners which work better and distribute heat smarter than traditional steel burners. 

Expect all the features on this to stand out, from the easy lift lid and LED lit burner knobs to the heat stabilizing design and mixed gas and infrared grilling plus rotisserie. It's also pretty huge for a 30-inch unit with an impressive 840 square inches of heating surface. 

So is this the best premium gas grill for you? Read on to find out.

Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill review: Design and build

  • 600 square inches of cook space
  • 48,000 BTU
  • Colored LED lit knob controls

The Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill is made from premium polished 304 grade stainless steel meaning it'll keep that shiny like-new look long after you've started using it. But it's inside that really innovates thanks to ceramic burners but more on that below.

You get gas or infrared grill options with the ability to pick your ideal setup without paying more. These are backed by a smart heat distribution system that also uses ceramics to make sure cooking is even.

The lid, although heavy to keep heat retained, is light to lift thanks to the Lynx Hood Assist, as it's called, which makes swinging this up and down a breeze. This also has a temperature gauge to show the internal temperature when the lid is closed. 

The Hot Surface Ignition system means you get a lit set of burners instantly, every time. This is also backed by a safety system that detects if one goes out and auto relights. If this fails, it alerts you with a light. Very clever stuff. Talking of lights, each burner knob is LED lit so you can see what you're doing even when cooking at night.

There is also a rotisserie which allows you to cook at three different speeds using the rear infrared heater which is wide enough to support even larger cuts of meat.

You also get a premium smoker box included to help you add even more flavor to the food.

Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill review: Features

  • Ceramic burners and briquettes
  • Slow cook rotisserie
  • Trident infrared burners

The Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill comes with a selection of burner options that allow you to mix between gas and Triden infrared searing burners. The primary gas burners are made from cast ceramic meaning they distribute heat far better than traditional steel and are also more efficient. It also means they will never rust or corrode - ever. Hence them coming with a lifetime warranty. 

Above the burners is a layer of ceramic briquettes which allow the heat to be distributed in a radiant and balanced way so that the grill is evenly heated from the front to the back and side to side, for all of the 600 square inches of cooking surface - significantly larger than more affordable grills like the Weber Spirit II E-310 and Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner.

The infrared burner is variable in heat in a way that many others simply can't manage. As such you get the ability to cook from scorching hot to simmering your food.

Safety is also important to the company which offers its FlameTrak system. As the name suggests this monitors the flames and detects if a burner fails to ignite. It will try to reignite the burner for 13-seconds. If it still won't light then you'll get a light notification that there is a fault. This should help eliminate gas grill accidents that might otherwise happen with a leak that goes unnoticed. 

The lid is large and yet easy to open thanks to the fluid rotation handle, as it's described. But the lid keeps working beyond heat retention as it has a design that allows the grill to vent properly to stabilize surface temperatures when cooking with the lid closed in windy conditions.

Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill review: Performance

  • Superb heat balance
  • Great lid performance
  • Slow cooking is great

The Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill, as the name suggests, is all about delivering a pro grade cooking experience to anyone that wants to spend the money on it. That means a balance of heat, thanks to those ceramic briquettes and burners, that gives consistent results. As such you are left feeling confident you'll know what you're going to get. Even the fluctuations in heat usually caused by the wind aren't a problem thanks to that smart lid. All that leaves you more relaxed while cooking, checking the thermometer less as you know it'll be steady.

Some might argue that's cheating a bit and takes the fun out of cooking outside, but in reality isn't the best possible food as the end result what you're after? If you want a challenge go burn some sticks and skewer meat and try it that way.

Longevity isn't something we could test but it's clear from the materials that this will just keep going. And, should there be an issue, that lifetime warranty has you covered anyway. Yet again this is another layer of reliance that leaves you relaxed while using this barbecue. Although the ceramic burners are more fragile than steel so it's best to be cautious when changing them out or cleaning around them.

Should I buy the Lynx L30TRF Professional Gas Grill?

If the best possible grill is what you're after then this is the barbecue for you. From superb build materials to consistent performance and extras like the rotisserie, it has it all.

Of course if a $4,000 plus price tag isn't for you then you might want to look elsewhere. You can get a lot of these features for far less, just without the refined quality of this grill. Like we said, if you want more of a challenge, with less consistency, then there are other grills that would serve you well.

If you're looking for faster cook times, then you might be interested in our round up of the best infrared grills, while our guide to the best grill thermometers will insure food safety.

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