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Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus Review

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus is a great security program and a good value since it comes with three user licenses for a decent price.

Our Verdict

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus does a good job protecting your Mac from malware, and it secures your system and privacy with a firewall, password manager and VPN.


  • This program earned a perfect score for Mac malware protection.


  • The safe browsing tools only work with Safari.
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Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus is a great security program and a good value since it comes with three user licenses for a decent price. Most third-party security labs don’t test Webroot, so we tested it with 165 live Mac malware samples. Webroot found all the threats we let loose and moved them to the quarantine folder before they could root themselves into our system.

This Mac internet security software has safe browsing features, including browser extensions that warn you of dangerous websites and stop online threats from downloading. The Safari extension installed automatically and turned on when we opened Webroot for the first time. We had to follow the directions to the Chrome Web Store to get the Chrome extension. But after following all the instructions, we were given an error message because the Chrome and Firefox extensions are for Windows users only.

Even without the browser extensions, we tested to see how well Webroot recognized Windows virus downloads and malicious sites by trying to access them, first with Chrome and then with Safari. Webroot didn’t recognize any of the threats when we used Chrome. But it did a good job using its Safari browser extension to block threats coming in through that browser. Most Mac users tend to use Safari as their default web browser, but if you prefer Chrome or Firefox, we suggest looking into Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac because it can detect Windows threats a bit better, including those trying to sneak in through Chrome and Firefox.

The Webroot program isn’t difficult to download or install. And for the most part the dashboard is easy to work in. There are a lot of small text links rather than icons that lead to different files, settings and features. And some of the settings were hard to find, like where to schedule virus scans. It’s still a good program and became easier to use the more we played around with it.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus comes with a personal firewall and a password manager. It also comes with a proxy browser, which works much like a VPN – it doesn’t track or show your online movements or history. And there’s a tool that monitors the webcam to make sure no one accesses it remotely. There are a couple tools that only come with Webroot’s more inclusive computer protection program. These include a vulnerability scanner that looks for weak spots in your system and helps fixes them as well as safe banking tools that give extra protection while you shop and bank online. Webroot’s more expensive Complete version also comes with mobile protection for both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, though Internet Security Plus does not.

Webroot is a great product that other testing labs tend to ignore, but during our tests we found it to be very good at detecting and protecting against Mac malware. It struggles a little at detecting Windows threats, but this is in part because the safe browsing features only work in Chrome and Firefox on Windows computers. Webroot detects most of these threats coming in through Safari. At it comes with a personal firewall, a password manager and a simple VPN.