ROAD iD Sport review

The ROAD iD Sport is a simple medical ID bracelet with your medical information printed on a stainless-steel plate. In many ways, it's no different than the majority of medical ID bracelets.

ROAD iD Sport review

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The ROAD ID Sport is a prime example of the simple medical ID bracelet most people need. It's very comfortable and stylish, but it's only for simple medical issues.


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    Medical information is easy to access


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    No USB storage

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The ROAD iD Sport is a simple design and features your medical information printed on a stainless-steel plate. In many ways, it's no different to many of the best medical alert bracelets. It's designed to provide EMTs with only the most necessary information, such as your condition, emergency contacts and blood type. However, you can include a MyRoadID profile to the metal plate. This provides EMTs access to a full-profile of your medical records.

The ROAD iD Sport is a different product to the best medical alert systems, which are used in the home, and other features to keep you safe if you have a serious health condition. We'd also recommend looking at the best fall detection sensors if you don't own one.

ROAD iD Sport review: Overview

The ROAD iD Sport costs about $25, making it one of the more affordable options. However, you have to pay a $5 subscription for the online profile if you want emergency responders to have access to more comprehensive records. 

It features a canvas strap design similar to the Key2Life Sport, but the overall quality of the stitching and Velcro on the ROAD ID is much better. In addition, it has a leverage loop, making it easy to put on one-handed – an issue I didn't think about until I was taking these bracelets on and off.

ROAD iD Sport review: Design

Most people with medical ID bracelets don't need a full-profile bracelet, and that's exactly who the ROAD Sport iD is for – people who have one or two significant issues emergency responders need to consider before treatment. In this way, accessing the necessary data is much faster and easier than the full-profile bracelets because it's all printed on the bracelet. As mentioned, you can set up a full-profile for EMTs to access online, but this requires a subscription.

The ROAD Sport iD was the most comfortable bracelet I wore. It received an A+ for all-day comfort and exercise comfort, though that's not surprising considering the name. The canvas strap feels softer than the other canvas straps I wore, and the leverage loop makes a huge difference in maintaining the fit throughout the day. It may seem like a small bit of plastic, but it allows the tightness to stay put.

Should you buy the ROAD iD Sport?

The ROAD Sport iD is simple, but effective. When it comes to all-day and sporty comfort, it's your best option. However, if you have a complicated medical history, you have to pay for an online profile. The style isn't going to catch any fashion-minded eyes, but the bracelets come in a wide variety of colors. And you can't tell it's a medical ID bracelet unless you're close enough to read the information on the metal plate. 

In fact, many of the user reviews online were of people who didn’t have medical issues but used the bracelet primarily to have their identification and emergency contacts on them while exercising. If you go for a run or a bike ride, you likely don't want to take your wallet with you.

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