Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM dishwasher review

The 16-place setting Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM would suit larger households, and offers five different cycles to tackle stubborn food stains.

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM review
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With a large capacity, a handful of intelligent cleaning features and near-silent operation, the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM dishwasher would make a hard-working addition to any kitchen. It’s more expensive than some of its closest rivals though, so we’d recommend looking for a deal to save yourself some money.


  • +

    Capacity for 16-place settings

  • +

    Advanced cleaning smarts

  • +

    Five individual cleaning cycles


  • -

    It's not cheap

  • -

    Only a one-year warranty

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The Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM has a big enough capacity for 16 place settings, so it should enable you to get all your cooking utensils and tableware cleaned in one go. This makes it perfect for dinner parties, or simply for large, busy households. 

But it's not just the additional capacity that makes the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM so appealing – like all the best dishwashers, it boasts an attractive, contemporary design, not to mention a raft of high-tech features to get your plates and pots looking squeaky clean. 

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Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM Dishwasher review: Overview   

Founded way back in 1899, Miele has played a significant role in global dishwasher development. In 1929, the German manufacturer launched Europe's first domestic dishwasher with an electric motor; this was followed in 1960 by the world's first fully automatic dishwasher.

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM review

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In 1987 the first washer with a cutlery tray was built at the company's plant in Bielefeld. This impressive set of milestones has only served to enhance Miele's reputation, and the family-owned firm now ships its appliances to 47 countries worldwide.             

Miele USA's current dishwasher range comprises 22 models across three separate categories: built-under dishwashers, semi-integrated dishwashers, and fully integrated dishwashers. Prices range from $999 to $2,999, with the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM built-under dishwasher being the company's cheapest model. 

Don't let that put you off though, as the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM is anything but entry-level. Still, it’s more expensive than our top pick, the KitchenAid KDPE234GPS review.    

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM Dishwasher review: Features

As you might expect from a manufacturer that's been at the forefront of kitchen appliance development for many years, there’s a lot of clever features packed into the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM. One of our favourites is the Delay Start function, which enables you to programme the dishwasher up to 24 hours in advance. 

This would come in handy if you wanted your wash to start at a time that won’t disturb anyone else in the house, or after everyone in your household has finished having their morning baths or showers, for example.

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM review

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Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM Dishwasher review: Specs

Dimensions (WHD): 23.57” x 33.69-36.25” x 22.44”

Control location: Front

Noise rating: 46dBA

Holds: 16 place settings

Racks: 3

Cycles: 5

ENERGY STAR rated: Yes

Extras: AutoSensor, CleanAir Drying, Delay Start and Double Waterproof System

Warranty: 1-year labor and parts 

Elsewhere, ComfortClose technology enables the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM’s door to be opened and closed with minimal effort, which is particularly useful for people with extra mobility requirements, or for anyone who doesn't want to disturb their sleeping children by yanking or slamming doors. 

Additionally, once you've opened the door, it'll remain in the position you left it, meaning you don't have to keep pulling it open again every few seconds. Speaking of doors, a lock integrated into the dishwasher's handle makes it much harder for curious little ones to do themselves an injury or disrupt your cycle. 

If the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM Dishwasher detects a leak or blockage during operation, its Double WaterProof System will shut off the water supply to avoid serious problems. And we were also impressed with the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM's digital display, which not only features a countdown, enabling you to keep track of when your dishes will be done. It will also let you know when your salt or rinse aid is close to running out, so you can order more.                  

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM Dishwasher review: Design

Miele has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality appliances, and the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM definitely has a premium look about it. With its fingerprint repellent Clean Touch Steel fascia and choice of Black or Brilliant White trim – not to mention its industry-standard dimensions – the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM should fit in with any modern kitchen. 

The fact that the controls are located on the front of the machine means that some people might struggle to see them without crouching down. On the plus side, they are designed to be simple to master. Once you've opened the machine using the small pocket handle, you'll find three racks. 

The deeper, MultiComfort rack at the bottom of the machine is meant for larger items such as plates (up to 13 inches in diameter), pots, pans, chopping boards and taller glasses. These can be loaded into three separate rows with the help of two spiked dividers. Or, if you have a particularly big pan or plate you want washed, the spikes can be laid flat to accommodate it. 

Just above that, there's a height-adjustable second rack for smaller items such as glasses, cups and bowls. The Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM has a single row of fixed spikes for holding more fragile items in place. Finally, at the top, there's a cutlery tray like the one Miele first pioneered back in the late 1980s. 

The advantage of cutlery trays over traditional cutlery baskets is that they save space and enable you to space your knives, forks and spoons apart from each other for enhanced hygiene. However, if you would prefer a basket, Miele sells these as an optional extra for $39.99. 

To make it easy for users to load and unload their dishes, Miele has fitted each rack with an ergonomic handle. For a washer that’s very tough on stubborn stains, read our LG LDF5545SS review.  

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM Dishwasher review: Performance

This may be Miele's cheapest dishwasher, but the German company certainly hasn't skimped on high-tech cleaning smarts. The Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM offers five wash cycles, which can be easily scrolled-through using the buttons on the front of the machine. For an alternative machine offering five cleaning cycles, read our Bosch 300 Series (SHXM63WS5N) review.

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM review

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Aside from the Normal wash, there's an Economy wash – a water and energy-saving cycle that's ideal for lighter loads – and a high-temperature SaniWash for when you really want to go to town on those germs. We also like the turbo-powered Pots and Pans wash for removing stubborn residue such as porridge or scorched food, and the Rinse and Hold cycle. 

That last one isn't a proper wash - it's more of a quick rinse to keep dirty dishes from smelling while they're waiting for the machine to be filled. In addition to the five wash cycles, there's a Short option. This is ideal for when you need some dishes cleaned quickly, as it reduces the wash time by up to 50%. Speedy!

Another thing we like about the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM is its AutoSensor technology. This enables the machine to assess the amount of soiling on your dishes and adjust the water temperature and consumption accordingly. Considering how often the average household uses a dishwasher, this could lead to significant savings over time, going some way to justifying the overall cost of this machine. 

You can put away that drying towel, too, as the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM's CleanAir Drying is designed to effectively and hygienically remove any moisture from your dishes, meaning you can remove them from the machine and put them away as soon as the cycle is finished. And all of this is achieved with minimal din – with a noise rating of 46dBA, this Miele model is one of the quietest dishwashers on the market.          

For a 39dBA model, read our Samsung DW80R9950US review. 

Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM Dishwasher review: User reviews

There isn't a wealth of customer feedback on this product, with Miele's dishwashers largely absent from Amazon and only a couple of other websites publishing reviews. Where users have left reviews, they are generally very positive. One person wrote a gushing appraisal on the Best Buy website, giving the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM a five-star rating and describing it as the, “best dishwasher we've ever had”. They did, however, point out that the model is more effective when used with Miele's own cleaning products. 

On the Appliances Connection website, there are several four-star reviews, with one customer stating: “It's very quiet and the utensil tray allows for a lot more dishes to be loaded since there isn't a basket taking up space,” and another praising the simplicity of the dishwasher's installation. 

Not everyone saluted the Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM, though, and one user gave it a miserly one-star rating on Best Buy, writing: “Ours is just over a year old and it's making strange noises. It also doesn't finish cycles and the soap tablet won't even be dissolved. It's our first and last Miele product!”

Should you buy the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM?

With enough room to accommodate 16 place settings, the Miele Classic Plus G 4228 SCU AM is ideal for bigger families or people who regularly have guests over for dinner. If you are less able, you might appreciate the ComfortClose door that enables opening and closing with the gentlest of touches. 

The machine is also super-quiet, making it a good choice for parents with young kids. Even if none of those things apply to you, you'll appreciate this model's ability to leave your pots and plates looking shiny-clean. Yes, it's fairly expensive, but it should give you years of stress-free dishes.      

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