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Mint Mobile deal: Get the iPhone SE and Unlimited Data plan for just $45 per month

Mint Mobile deal: Get the iPhone SE and Unlimited Data plan for just $45 per month
(Image credit: Mint Mobile)

If you’re looking for deals on the best smartphones at the moment, you’re well catered to, but there’s no getting away from the cost of the cell phone plan itself… or is there? Mint Mobile is offering the iPhone SE for just $15 per month (opens in new tab). Combine that with the excellent value of its $30 per month unlimited plan and you can get a brand new iPhone SE and unlimited data for just $45 per month. The same plan would cost you over $100 with most major cell plan providers.

Mint Mobile is smaller, and in its own words “smarter” wireless company which traditionally offers short term unlimited data plans that you pay up-front for. It does offer longer plans too though, and while you’d normally pay for the entire cost of the plan upfront, you can split the cost over 12 to 24 months by paying with Affirm, essentially changing it back into a traditional pay monthly phone plan, but at a fraction of the usual cost. You could also just pay the $1080 fee up front and then not have to worry about your phone bills for another two years, which is an exhilarating prospect. 

Get the iPhone SE and Unlimited Data Plan for just $45 per month with Mint Mobile (opens in new tab)
Unlimited data plans usually cost around $60 per month at a minimum, so this is staggering value. Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network too, so you’re getting exceptional 5G coverage nationwide. 

If Unlimited Data seems a bit excessive to you, you can save even more money by snagging the iPhone SE with one of the limited plans that Mint Mobile offers too. You could choose either: 

  • 3GB Data for $15 per month ($30 per month with iPhone SE)
  • 8GB Data for $20 per month ($35 per month with iPhone SE)
  • 12GB Data for $25 per month ($40 per month with iPhone SE)
  • Unlimited Data for $30 per month ($45 per month with iPhone SE)

The iPhone SE launched earlier this year with an almost impossibly low price tag of $399. We say impossibly low price tag, because as we noted in our iPhone SE review (opens in new tab), it makes very few compromises when compared to Apple’s flagship phones. It’s running on the same A13 chip that powered the iPhone 11 (opens in new tab). It also looks just as stylish as you’d expect an Apple smartphone to as well. In truth it does make a few sacrifices in the name of keeping costs down though, so the camera and screen aren’t quite as impressive as the flagship phones, but it’s also half the cost, so we can hardly complain.

Mint Mobile made quite the name for itself last year when it was revealed that Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds had become one of the owners of the company. His frankly unreasonably handsome face is now at the forefront of Mint’s marketing efforts. 

Mint Mobile Ryan Reynolds

(Image credit: Mint Mobile)

But even ignoring that ridiculously handsome man for a second (it’s tough, but stay with us), we really do think Mint Mobile offers exceptional value when compared with the rest of the best cell phone providers (opens in new tab). It manages this by being an online only company that keeps overhead costs to a minimum, and then passes that saving on to customers.

If you want to see what else is out there when it comes to smartphone and cell plan deals, head over to our best Black Friday cell phone plan deals (opens in new tab) page for our full roundup. 

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