Pros / Its flashlight is efficient and stays on even when the battery is very low.

Cons / Solar charging is very slow.

 Verdict / The RAVPower is a good power bank for outdoor use, but its solar charging is slow going.

The RAVPower 15,000 mAh solar power bank’s rugged exterior, large battery capacity and solar backup power make it a useful companion for hikes, camping trips and anywhere else you need to charge your devices. Though its solar charging performance isn’t quite equal to the multi-paneled solar phone chargers we tested, the RAVPower battery’s single 1W panel is fine for emergency charging when you don’t have access to an outlet.


With only a single, 1W solar panel, the RAVPower solar power bank didn’t produce the best solar charging performance, especially when you compare it to a multi-paneled charger like the X-Dragon, which charged our test device four times more in our cloudy day test. Still, the RAVPower managed to soak up enough rays on both cloudy and sunny days to serve as a viable emergency option. Outside for four hours on sunny and cloudy days, the RAVPower charged our test device to 20 percent and 15 percent respectively.

All the solar power banks we tested use solar as backup power, charging primarily from a wall outlet. The RAVPower is no different. Using DC power via the microUSB input, it can fully charge in eight or nine hours, but solar charging the battery can take over 60 hours of strong sun exposure.


The RAVPower battery’s design is perfect for outdoor use. It’s sturdily built with a rugged, shockproof exterior, and its ports are all covered with silicone plugs to prevent water and dust ingress when not in use. The battery’s sides are slightly curved with textured grips to make it easy to hold, and the top handle is a practical feature sturdy enough to attach the battery to a backpack strap, or belt loop.

During our tests, we were particularly impressed with the RAVPower’s flashlight. It’s bright and it stays on for a long time. When we initially drained the power banks prior to testing, the RAVPower’s flashlight stayed on long past its ability to charge any devices. The LED flashlight takes up very little power, so it still works when the battery is almost dead.

The RAVPower solar power bank is a good power bank. It’s rugged, practical and resistant to shock, water and dust, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. Its solar option is a great emergency backup feature but doesn’t perform well enough for solar-only use. Still, its large battery capacity and long-lasting flashlight feature make it a worthy charging accessory.

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