NOVETE ‎TDQR01 countertop dishwasher review

The Novete ‎TDQR01 is a versatile, quiet and full-featured compact portable dishwasher that cleans dishware and looks great.

NOVETE ‎TDQR01 countertop dishwasher review
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The Novete TDQR01 is an attractive countertop dishwasher that offers the flexibility of both a built-in water tank and faucet connection, excellent cleaning from top and bottom spray arms, and five wash cycles, let down only slightly by its limited capacity.


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    Built-in 1.3 gallon water tank


  • -

    Limited tray layout

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    Long timer presets

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The NOVETE ‎TDQR01 is a convenient option among the portable dishwashers that we’ve recently reviewed. Not only does it offer the space-saving flexibility typical of the best countertop dishwashers but it does so with a built-in water tank that negates the need to connect the appliance to your faucet altogether. It also offers five wash programs along with upper and lower spray arms for cleaning performance that rivals even the best dishwashers

NOVETE ‎TDQR01: Essential info

1. Faucet connection option
2. Built-in 1.3-gallon water tank  
3. Automatic water level indicator
4. Dry mode
5. Speed cycle
6. Fruit wash mode
7. Upper and lower spray arms
8. Dual-layer glass door
9. LCD control panel
10. LED interior light 

The Novete is also among the most compact countertop dishwashers we’ve seen. And while it sacrifices some capacity for a smaller profile – it can accommodate four place settings and dishes up to 12-inches loaded at an angle – the neat form factor makes it a great option for a small apartment, dorm, a single household, or a small family.

What the Novete TDQR01 doesn’t sacrifice, however, is features, and the machine lets you choose from five wash programs including Normal, Speed, ECO, Baby Care/Heavy, and Fruit as well as a super-handy Air-Dry function, all controlled by an LCD control console. The Dry mode air-dries your dinnerware for 60 minutes, and after that, the Novete can happily rest while fully loaded because ventilation prevents odors for up to 72 hours.

Another nice feature is a dual-layer glass door and LED illumination that gives you a clear window onto your dishes.

Novete TDQR01: How big is it?

  • Width: 16.86 inches 
  • Depth: 16.75 inches 
  • Height: 18.05 inches 

As far as capacity goes, the Novete has space for four place settings and includes a tableware basket, cutlery basket, and storage rack that can accommodate four dinner plates, three small plates, four cups, four serving bowls, and assorted cutlery. Customers who bought the Novete TDQR01 have been divided over the versatility the tray layout offers, and while it provides enough room for washing dinnerware and cutlery accumulated over the course of a day, it struggles to fit anything larger than a small saucepan.

Novete TDQR01: How easy is it to install?

Like most other countertop dishwashers, the Novete can be connected to the faucet via the included hose and connector valve, and the used water emptied into the sink with the included drain hose, saving you on the kind of plumber fees required were you to install a full-size dishwasher. But the TDQR01 also offers the option of a handy water tank that can be topped up with water with the included plastic jug, making this dishwasher one of the most flexible options we’ve seen.

As mentioned, the Novete TDQR01 is a very compact portable dishwasher that can sit comfortably on most kitchen surfaces without taking up too much space, and would even suit an RV. That said, its 18-inch height makes it a tight squeeze if positioning beneath standard kitchen cabinetry, but since the water tank is accessed from the top anyway, locating the machine under a cabinet may not be your best option. 

NOVETE ‎TDQR01 countertop dishwasher review

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Novete TDQR01: What’s good about it?

Aside from the flexibility having both a faucet connection and built-in water tank provides, we have to confess that we love the look of the Novete TDQR01. Its neat form factor, subtle, elegant angles and polished white exterior looks modern and smart in all the right ways, and its compact size makes it unobtrusive for most kitchens. To our eyes, it’s slightly more attractive than the more utilitarian-looking models like the RCA RDW3208, but shares a windowed aesthetic with the Farberware FDW05ASBWHA.

It’s also a remarkable piece of engineering when you consider the fact that Novete has installed two spray arms - one above, one below - in such a compact space, which when combined with the unit’s internal water heater which can heat the water to 167 degrees Fahrenheit, it ensures your dishes receive a thorough and even wash that should eliminate streaks entirely.

The Dry function, so conspicuously missing from some other countertop dishwashers, is also a welcome feature of the Novete as is the peace of mind from knowing that the machine is ventilated to prevent odors should you need to leave it loaded for a while.

We like the focused choice of five wash programs, with a handy speed cycle when time is short, and a clear and easy-to-use LCD display. And while the potential to wash fruit in a dishwasher (with the included fruit basket) sounded bizarre to us, the Fruit Rinse option is a nice addition.

The Novete also manages to run quieter than even the near-whisper quiet Magic Chef MCSCD6B5 and Edgestar DWP62BL models, at around 50 decibels – a similar sound level as the hum of a refrigerator.

Novete TDQR01: What’s not so good

Even though we love the clean white look of the Novete, it would have been nice to have seen one or two extra color options, perhaps with a black or stainless-steel exterior. And while it would be unfair to point out the limited capacity of a dishwasher this compact, a few online users have expressed some frustration when it comes to washing larger pots or receptacles. Larger coffee mugs also seem to get a raw deal in the Novete, as some users have mentioned, requiring a bowl rack to accommodate them rather than the cup rack.

We like the viewing window on the TDQR01, although others might find it a little redundant. We’re not so keen on the stark neon blue interior LED illumination, however, which offers an uncomfortable contrast to the Novete’s otherwise attractive exterior. The similar Farberware dishwasher loses little from not having illumination.

The Novete TDQR01 is also at a higher price than similar models, but we feel that the dishwasher’s features and reported performance largely earn the price tag.

NOVETE ‎TDQR01 countertop dishwasher review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Novete TDQR01: User reviews

It seems the thumbs are well and truly up for the Novete TDQR01 countertop dishwasher, with the appliance scoring highly among customers on Amazon (84%) and Walmart (with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars). A few complaints express disappointment at the limited tray layout and some have highlighted that the pre-set timer feels overlong – with dishes looking perfectly clean almost 40 minutes ahead of the end of a cycle. 

It's the perfect size for my small apartment kitchen and cleans very well.

Amazon customer

Fortunately, though, the quality of the Novete TDQR01’s cleaning performance and the convenience of its installation and setup is rated highly almost across the board, with one Amazon customer saying: “I've had this dishwasher for about a month now and I'm incredibly happy with it.” 

Should you buy the Novete TDQR01?

If your budget allows for it, the Novete TDQR01 is an excellent choice for a highly compact, portable dishwasher that offers the extra versatility of a faucet connection and a built-in water tank, with space for four place settings and cutlery.

The Novete is also a beautiful-looking machine, and we like the clear LCD controls and tough, dual-layered viewing window – although the harsh blue illumination may not be to everyone’s taste.

The machine is also impressively quiet to run at only 50 decibels, which with its neat and tidy form factor makes it a fairly inconspicuous appliance that will likely receive appreciative comments wherever you place it in your home.

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