Nutrichef PKCWC120 review

The NutriChef PKCWC120 is a compact cooling unit, which is ideal if you’re short on space.

Nutrichef PKCWC120 review
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The NutriChef PKCWC120 is great for smaller spaces but it’s only a single-zone cooler so it’s not great if you like both red and white wine.


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    Good user reviews


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    Single-zone cooling

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    Small capacity

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The NutriChef PKCWC120 is one of the smallest capacity units we’ve reviewed. It can hold up to 12 bottles of wine and operates using a single zone cooling system, which means the temperature will be the same across the entire appliance. 

If you’re keen on both red and white wine, however, head to our full guide covering the best wine coolers where you’ll find dual-zone options too. 

This model is finished in a black coating but it’s also available in stainless steel if that’s more to your taste. 

NutriChef PKCWC120: Size and installation  

  • Width: 9.9 inches 
  • Height: 31.2 inches 
  • Depth: 17.7 inches 

The NutriChef PKCWC120 is a small wine refrigerator that can hold 12 bottles of wine. Because it’s compact, this unit is actually ideal for smaller apartments or those that simply don’t need something big like the Kalamera KRC30SZB 30 Bottle model. 

This cooler is only suitable for use as a freestanding unit and it can’t be fitted into a cabinet. Even if you have a narrow enough space in your kitchen, don’t be tempted to try and squeeze this in as a built-in fridge because its air vents are at the back and it won’t be able to ventilate properly causing it to malfunction.

The good thing about freestanding coolers is that they are even easier to install as you won’t need to squeeze them into a space. You will have to factor in leaving a space of around six inches around all perimeters of this unit so that it can work effectively. When the NutriChef PKCWC120 arrives, you’ll need to allow it to settle for two hours before you connect it to the power supply. This is pretty standard across all refrigerators. 

NutriChef PKCWC120: Features 

The NutriChef PKCWC120 features LED lighting inside and is wide enough for two bottles of wine beside each other. There are digital, touchscreen controls where you can set the temperature in the cooler and turn the lighting on and off. 

In terms of temperature, this cooler is only a single-zone model so it won’t be suitable for storing white wine. You will still be able to choose from a selection of temperatures between 41 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, however, and you’ll be able to choose to see the temperature in Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius. 

Compared to models such as the Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler, the NutriChef is expensive. It’s smaller than the Antarctic Star, which has space for 26 bottles of wine, but it is much slimmer so will be better suited to those without much spare space.

The NutriChef PKCWC120 features frost-free technology so you won’t ever need to defrost it. Its compressor will get to work to reach the temperature you’ve selected and may be slightly noisier when it’s doing this, but should be much quieter after.

For added protection from your purchase, the NutriChef PKCWC120 is covered by a one year warranty. 

NutriChef PKCWC120: Design & performance 

The NutriChef PKCWC120 has six shelving areas, but the bottom section allows the bottles to be positioned so that you can read the labels with ease. The shelves are made of polished chrome and are shaped to support the bottle without damaging the label. 

Considering the price of this appliance, though, the design is missing some of the elements the other models have. For example, some units have wooden ends on the shelving which gives it a high-end feel. 

The handle on the NutriChef PKCWC120 is set into the door so it doesn’t stick out, and the exterior has a glossy black finish. A small digital display will let you see what temperature the cooler is set at and the touch controls are easy to use. 

Most of the models we’ve reviewed feature an air vent at the front of the cooler, whereas the NutriChef PKCWC120 has its air vent at the back. This does actually give the fridge a sleeker look at the front as you can’t see any visible ventilation. 

The real let down with this appliance, however, is that it only offers single-zone cooling. That means you’ll have to take your pick between red or white wine. 

NutriChef PKCWC120: User reviews  

The NutriChef PKCWC120 scores an average of 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon. With over 2,000 reviews, this is a popular model. Positive reviews praise the NutriChef PKCWC120 for running quietly, looking stylish, and the upright section at the bottom of the cooler. Some users didn’t mind that this unit doesn’t look high-end as they described it as an ‘entry-level wine cooler’. Others add that the metal shelves are strong and supportive of the wine bottles. 

Not all reviews are positive, however, as some users had issues with the longevity of this cooler. One user also added comments about the temperature not remaining consistent suggesting “it will get to the desired temperature, and then a few hours later the fans kicks in on high and the temperature creeps up.” Others also said they found the interior light to be too bright and not very ambient. 

Should you buy the NutriChef PKCWC120? 

The NutriChef PKCWC120 is a good solution if you’re limited on space. However, it’s only a single zone cooler and it can’t be built into a cabinet. This model can hold up to 12 bottles of wine, which isn’t huge but is ideal for smaller households. The NutriChef PKCWC120’s shelves are good quality and the almost-upright shelf at the bottom is a nice addition so that you can easily read your bottle labels.  

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