Rentokil Presto-X Review

Presto-X offers a fast response and guaranteed satisfaction.

Rentokil Presto-X Review
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Rentokil Presto-X deals with a wide range of pest problems, provides a swift response and offers some valuable guarantees, but a little more attention to its online offering might prove beneficial.


  • +

    Comprehensive range of pest solutions

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    Response within 24 hours


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    Online management lacking

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Rentokil is renowned as one of the best pest control services in the UK, but also owns several exterminating companies in the U.S., including Steritech, Ehrlich, Western Exterminator and Presto-X. Of these, Presto-X offers a wide variety of pest control services for both homes and business, including pest extermination, pest prevention and wildlife removal. 

Rentokil Presto-X review: Initial contact 

As you would expect of any pest control company, Presto-X employs experts with knowledge of both seasonal and local pests, and so are well-placed to solve any problem that might arise throughout the year. Emergency calls for help will be met with a response within 24 hours for contracted customers, while first-time customers can get an instant quote for pest control or termite extermination.

However, one downside is that Presto-X is only available in 16 states in the central U.S.

Rentokil Presto-X review: Plan options

Presto-X is happy to deal with almost any pest, and offers a choice of plans, such as a single treatment or an annual plan that will have a technician come back to spray every other month. This company is like most pest control companies when it comes to prices: costs will vary based on your region, the pest that’s pestering you and the size of your house and property. 

The company can take care of bugs that are simply a nuisance, poisonous creatures and those that bite, sting, swarm or make a meal out of your wooden beams. They can help you get rid of a range of pests – bedbugs, bats, ants, wasps, wildlife and more.

Rentokil Presto-X review: Service

Presto-X can be contacted at any hour of the day or night, and if you’re dissatisfied with any pest treatment, you can ask for a second round of sprays, granules and spritzes if you’re within the guaranteed time period. 

While you can pay your bills online, Presto-X’s website doesn’t allow for wider account management. A frequently asked questions (FAQs) section isn't apparent either, but there is plenty of information on numerous pests. You can check out the pest library to help you identify which particular pest you’re dealing with and read about the different ways you can eliminate the problem yourself and prevent the infestation from happening again.

Should you use Rentokil Presto-X?

If you’re in the central United States, Presto-X can handle all of your extermination needs, with technicians on hand to help eliminate all manner of problems, from termites and cockroaches to spiders and wildlife infestations. A fast response should be provided and the guarantees that are offered means you've got a safety net to fall back on if you are not happy with the service or outcome.  

On the downside, the online options for customers are relatively limited, meaning you'll likely need to call to get your questions answered.

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