Bluestone Contour U Maternity Pillow review

The Bluestone Contour U Maternity Pillow delivers full body support to help you sleep better at night and rest up in the day.

Bluestone Contour U Maternity Pillow review
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The Bluestone U Contour full body maternity pillow is a good choice for expectant mothers because of its back, leg and belly support. But non-pregnant sleepers will find comfort and support from this huge pillow too.


  • +

    Full-body support

  • +

    Total comfort


  • -

    Scratchy material

  • -

    Bulky and hard to move

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The Bluestone Contour U-shaped Full Body Maternity Pillow is designed to provide full body support and comfort when sleeping and resting in bed. It's moldable, so you can position it to give support while you’re sitting up or on the floor. 

It was tested by two expectant mothers and lot of non-pregnant testers too, as we're aware that there are various physical health conditions where you may need full body support in bed. The Bluestone Contour U features in our guide to the best pillows for sleeping, for reasons we'll now uncover in our review below.

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Bluestone Contour U Maternity Pillow review: design

This maternity pillow is very large at close to 5 feet long, and even on a king size bed our testers mentioned there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room for their significant other to sleep. But our expectant moms said this pillow enveloped them in a big hug with enough support against their lower back, under their belly and in between their legs. Their head, neck, shoulders and upper back also were properly supported, which helped them sleep very well all night.

The outside cover of the Bluestone pillow is made with a rough and crinkly material that is really uncomfortable, but we appreciate that they’re machine washable. Bluestone does offer pillowcases for this U Contour maternity pillow made from softer and more comfortable material that can be purchased separately.

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Bluestone Contour U Maternity Pillow review: performance

Because of the size of this pillow, it's a little hard to get it out of when you do need to get up. This isn’t a big disadvantage when you’re getting up in the morning, but our pregnant testers said it was inconvenient when they needed to get up a lot at night for bathroom breaks. Also, it tends to get a little hot, but our testers said this was a minor inconvenience for the overall comfort and support provided by the pillow.

While our months-long sleep tests were conducted with expectant mothers, we had a few other testers try out the Bluestone U Contour Full Body Maternity Pillow for a few minutes in our testing lab. It was overwhelmingly popular, with even our non-pregnant testers. A couple of them liked it so much that they purchased it on their own. This pillow gives good full-body support for back, side and stomach sleepers. 

Bluestone Contour U Maternity Pillow review: verdict

Everyone loved Bluestone's pillow because of the amount of support it gives, plus is extra fluffiness and comfort. Our expectant moms reported that this maternity pillow was so much better than their traditional crescent shaped pillows.

It offers great comfort and support, but it is a big pillow and the outside cover material isn’t comfortable, so keep that in mind. You can purchase a separate pillow case made from a softer fabric if it really bothers you, but the full body comfort on offer here is hard to quibble over.

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