Leesa Pillow review

The Leesa Pillow has a springy, airy feel to it, making it a versatile bed pillow for general use.

Leesa Pillow review
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For back and side sleepers the Leesa Pillow offers both firm and soft support for a good night sleep.


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    Good neck and shoulder support

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    Suitable for back and side sleepers


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    No warranty

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The Leesa Pillow has a springy, airy feel to it. It doesn’t feel heavy enough to give good support, but our testers found that it was a good in-between pillow – not too soft, not too firm. 

Because of its unique design and material, the Leesa doesn’t get hot at night, so our testers didn’t need to flip it halfway through the night, as is the case with pillows featured in our guide to the best pillows for sleeping.

Leesa Pillow review: Design

The inside of the Leesa Pillow is a solid piece of memory foam. This is good for both side and back sleepers, but not for stomach sleepers since it tends to be too firm for them. For stomach sleepers we suggest the Isotonic Indulgence

We tested the standard size Leesa Pillow, but it comes in king size too. We think that the outside cover feels a little scratchy. It is machine washable, though, and can be covered with a pillowcase if it bothers you too.

Leesa Pillow review: we put the standard size pillow through its paces

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Leesa Pillow review: Performance

One of our testers had shoulder issues and had been sleeping with a specially designed pillow with a cutout for their shoulder. But even this special shape didn’t offer enough relief for their shoulder. 

However, the Leesa Pillow, despite being a standard shape and size, allowed their head to “sink right in” while the edges gave good corrective support to their shoulder. Even after several months of sleeping, the Leesa held its shape and continued to give proper support. 

Also, we found that this pillow is a good thickness; both back and side sleepers said the pillow offers enough support and keeps your neck at a comfortable angle.

Leesa Pillow review: Verdict

The Leesa Pillow is a soft yet firm pillow that both side and back sleepers find comfortable. It provides corrective support for neck, shoulders and back. The pillow itself isn’t machine washable, but the cover is. Also, this pillow doesn’t come with a warranty as other pillows do. For a versatile pillow that has a generous trial period, take a look at the Purple Pillow, which is often on sale with the best Purple mattress deals.

The Leesa Pillow doesn’t come with a warranty, but you can try it out for 100 nights before deciding to keep it or send it back. Also, this pillow is a bit pricey, $75 for the standard and just under $100 for a king pillow.

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