MyPillow review

With all the hype surrounding MyPillow, we were excited to put to the test its claims of being the comfortable bed pillow.

MyPillow review
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The MyPillow isn't very comfortable because the filling inside is too lumpy and doesn't stick together or become softer. All our testers reported stiff necks after using the MyPillow all night.


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    It holds its shape all night


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    The filler is very lumpy

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With all the hype that surrounded MyPillow when it first launched, we were excited to test all its claims of being the most comfortable, supportive one out there, and to see if it could match up to the standard of those in our guide to the best pillows

We were surprised that several of our testers already owned a MyPillow and were unhappy with it. And our official MyPillow sleep testers reported the same findings. Let's find out more about the pillow that seems to be really dividing opinion online...

MyPillow review: Design

The inside of the MyPillow is filled with large chunks of memory foam. You can feel the individual chunks through the pillow material, which feel like pieces of carpet foam. When we squished and fluffed and punched this pillow, these pieces didn’t meld or stick together, it always felt lumpy. 

This became a problem while sleeping because these chunks didn’t feel soft, so sleepers felt very sore, especially in the neck area, after using the MyPillow all night.

MyPillow review

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MyPillow review: Performance

Several testers did mention that when they bunched the MyPillow into a certain shape that in the morning it was still in that shape. So we feel confident in affirming this claim made by the manufacturer. And after washing the whole pillow a few times, it still retained its shape. The MyPillow comes with a 10-year warranty just in case it loses its shape and you need a new one.

MyPillow review: Verdict

We purchased the standard, regular filled pillow, but MyPillow does offer other sizes with more or less filling inside. But even users of the more filled and firmer MyPillow designs reported they felt the lumpiness in their pillows, too. 

No matter how long we used, bunched and fluffed it, the inside foam never became softer or more uniform. Overall, we were not as impressed with this pillow as we hoped to be. We found the Casper Pillow to be a better option for a soft, moldable pillow with good support, and its often on sale among the best Casper mattress deals. We'd also recommend looking at our round-up of the best Purple mattress deals and the best Saatva mattress discounts for discounts on these popular bed pillows.

The MyPillow does keep its shape all night and even after several washes. But the filling inside is very lumpy and causes too many aches in your neck by the next morning. Even the more filled and firmer sizes are still too lumpy for most sleepers. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

MyPillow review: alternatives

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