Nest Bedding The Easy Breather review

Nest Bedding's The Easy Breather could be the pillow for you if you enjoy a firmer, more supportive place to rest your head.

Nest Bedding The Easy Breather pillow review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Easy Breather is filled with shredded memory foam and has a unique pocked design that keeps it cool at night while you sleep.


  • +

    Remove filling if it's too firm

  • +

    Stays cool throughout the night


  • -

    An expensive bed pillow

  • -

    Not machine washable

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All our testers reported that the Nest Bedding The Easy Breather is really firm, giving it a 7.6/10 rating, the second firmest pillow we tested when scouring the globe for the best pillows for sleeping. 

The pillow isn’t machine washable and doesn’t include a cover that can be removed to be cleaned, so we suggest investing in a good pillowcase to keep The Easy Breather clean from oil and dirt. If it does get dirty, Nest Bedding suggests some spot cleaning. If you're looking for more products to help you sleep better, take a look at our guide to the best mattress online for different sleep styles.

Nest Bedding The Easy Breather review: Design

The Easy Breather by nest bedding comes in three sizes, standard, queen and king. Though it’s a bit pricier than most pillows you’d see at your local department store, it falls within the median price range for high-end pillows like those we tested and reviewed. If you want a pillow that has adjustable height, try the Purple Pillow, designed with removable booster pads so that you can achieve the 'loft' you want. This beauty is often on sale among the best Purple mattress deals

Nest Bedding The Easy Breather review: Performance

The Easy Breather is filled with shredded memory foam packed tightly to provide good support. Some sleepers felt it was filled too much, causing the pillow to be too high and therefore kink their neck. If this is something you experience, you can remove some of the Easy Breather filling to make it more comfortable for your sleep style. See our round-up of the best Saatva mattress discounts for the latest price cuts on Saatva's super-comfy pillows.

Our back and side sleepers gave this pillow mixed reviews, but most mentioned that despite the firmness there is a bit of give when you lie on it. They all liked the shape and the unique pocked texture of the outside that allows this pillow to breathe and stay cool at night.

Should I buy the Nest Bedding The Easy Breather?

The Easy Breather by nest bedding received favorable reviews from our sleep testers, but despite the firmness and breathable material, most preferred the Sleep Number ComfortFit that is similar in shape and texture, but offers a bit more give and comfort. 

You can try out The Easy Breather for 100 nights to see if you really like it or not. This is helpful because experts believe it takes a minimum of 30 days for a pillow to settle well enough for you to know if it works for you. And Nest Bedding's The Easy Breather is the only pillow we've reviewed that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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