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Purple Pillow review

The Purple Pillow is surprisingly heavy and stayed in place all night, which is a definite for sleepers who move a lot at night.

Purple Pillow review

Our Verdict

The Purple Pillow gives good support and comfort. It isn’t high enough for most sleepers, however, so you may need to add another pillow underneath it to make it the right height for you.


  • This pillow gives good overall support to your neck and head.


  • There is a very strong odor when you first open this pillow that lasts a long time.

The Purple Pillow is surprisingly heavy, around 11 pounds on its own, and is one of the heaviest in our guide to the best pillows. This made it difficult to flip over at night when testers got a little hot, but it also kept the pillow in place all night, which is a definite plus for sleepers who move a lot at night and tend to lose their pillow.

When we first pulled the Purple Pillow from its box there was a strong odor and a white powdery film over the hyper-elastic polymer material. Some online research showed that one suggestion is to stand in the shower with the Purple Pillow for thirty minutes to help wash away the smell. But we simply left it out to air for a couple of weeks before starting our testing. This works just as well, but did take much longer.

Our testers were impressed with the support they felt while using the Purple Pillow. Their heads felt cradled and cushioned, and though it’s soft your head doesn’t sink down to the bottom. In fact, it feels like your head is carefully suspended on air. The biggest complaint we heard was this pillow wasn’t thick enough for either our back or side sleepers. Most added an older, flat pillow underneath their Purple Pillow to raise it up to a more comfortable height. If you’d rather forgo the extra pillow, we suggest looking at the TEMPUR-Cloud for a firm, stable, yet comfortable option that seems to be a better height for back and side sleepers.

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We did let a young child try out this pillow to see if it works for smaller sleepers. There wasn’t an issue with the thickness for them. However, our child tester naturally sleeps with their hand under their head and pillow and did so while using the Purple Pillow, too. Unfortunately, the weight of the pillow caused significant bruising to their wrist and arm that required some stabilizing support for a few days while it healed.

The Purple Pillow comes with a year warranty in case you find something wrong with it. You can also try it out during the 100-night trial period. It only comes in one size and costs just under $100 before taxes and shipping charges. 

We found the Purple Pillow does offer great support, but it isn’t thick enough for most sleepers. Our testers took care of this by placing a thin pillow underneath the Purple Pillow to make it a comfortable height. This pillow is really heavy, which means it won’t accidentally slide off the bed at night. But this also means it takes some effort to flip it at night if you get hot. Also, we don’t suggest letting children use it if they tend to sleep with their arm or hand under their pillow because the weight of this pillow may be too much for them to handle.

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