Danby DWM045WDB Review

The Danby DWM045WDB portable washer has 11 wash cycles and five water level settings, and it works quietly.

Danby DWM045WDB Review
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The Danby DWM045WDB is a strong portable washer that lacks a few characteristics of some competitors, but it gives you quiet operation and plenty of settings for different fabrics.


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    You get 11 different washing cycles

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    Quiet operation


  • -

    The maximum spin speed is 740 rpm, which isn't the best

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The trim white Danby DWM045WDB portable washer is a compact machine that offers 11 washing cycles. This is an inexpensive machine to operate since it uses 126 kilowatts of electricity per year if you use the washer under normal conditions and at a normal rate of use. That comes to an annual cost of $15 to run this washing machine, or $1.25 per month, which is considerably less than you would spend at any laundromat. Previously, this was one of our best portable washers, but it's become increasingly more difficult to find recently. You can check out our reviews of other Danby portable washers, including the Danby DWM060WDB portable washer review and the Danby DWM030WDB portable washer review to find available models. 

Danby DWM045WDB: Main features

With the Danby DWM045WDB portable washer get five water level settings so you can adjust it to get the amount of water you want. But don't worry about wet floors; this machine is equipped with a protection system that guards against overfilling the drum with water.

The washing cycles are varied and include auto wash, normal, heavy, quick, delicates, wash only and a soaking cycle, along with a rinse and spin cycle, spin only, a super spin and a no spin.

This portable washer's dimensions are compact at 35.04 inches in height, 21.46 inches in width and 21.65 inches in depth. It is below average in its weight for washers like these, weighing in at 70.55 pounds, and you can move it easily using the rolling casters on the bottom. Once the washer is in place, you can lock the wheels to make sure it stays in place. This is a robust machine made of rust-resistant steel containing a stainless steel tub and drum for the actual washing. It comes with a faucet adapting device if you need to hook the washer up to just one faucet rather than two regular laundry outlets, or if you have them, you also can use the laundry outlets for hot and cold water.

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Unfortunately, its maximum spinning speed is rather low at 740 rpm, which is the second slowest of the models we reviewed. It is helpful to have rather high rpm so the machine takes as much water out of your newly cleaned clothes as possible so drying them takes less time.

This compact portable washing machine runs quietly, which is a boon if you have limited space. Unlike many portable washing machines that employ a wash plate at the bottom of the tub, this model relies on the traditional washing machine agitator that sends clothing, water and detergent swirling throughout the drum to get the clothes clean and later rinsed with clear water.

If you need to leave the house, you can put the clothes in the washer along with the detergent, set the delay start function and come home to a wash cycle that is just getting completed.

Should you buy the Danby DWM045WDB?

The Danby DWM045WDB is a handy portable washing machine that can work well if you live in a small apartment or house. It has slower-than-average speed for spinning wet clothes, but it offers so many washing cycles and useful features that it may be just the portable washer you need. If you can get hold of it, it's a great choice.

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