Bad Boy MZ Magnum rider lawn mower review

The Bad Boy MZ Magnum lawn mower is a high-end riding mower with loads of features.

Bad Boy MZ Magnum rider lawn mower review
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A high end zero-turn mower suitable for larger lawns and professionals.


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    Maximum maneuverability

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    Fuel tank holds 3 gallons

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    Hydrostatic transmission makes steering easier


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    The Bad Boy MZ Magnum is priced in the middle of the range for riding lawn mowers, but it delivers performance similar to more expensive models. This mower works well for both residential and commercial use.

    The lawn mower uses a massive 726-cc Kawasaki motor to attain a respectable 6 mph. The 4800 model riding mower has a wide 48-inch blade for finishing larger lawns in much less time.

    Bad Boy MZ Magnum: What you need to know

    This mower has maximum maneuverability. As a zero-turn mower, it uses tank-lever controls to spin on its wheels and get around any object, although steep hills present a problem. The hydrostatic transmission shifts on its own so that you can focus on steering with both hands.

    You can adjust the blade height from 1 inch to 4 inches high for precision cuts. The blade lift on this riding mower uses a foot pedal so that you can raise the deck quickly when you come upon an unexpected rock or other obstacle. The deck itself floats using two sway bars and three linkages to give you outstanding stability and comfort.

    This riding mower uses high-strength 11-gauge steel in its deck, and the frame is welded together for increased durability. An all-steel gear construction on the drive system extends the rugged quality to the mower's power system for a long operational life. When you do need to perform any maintenance, the motor and other parts are easy to access for convenient repairs and tune-ups.

    Should you buy the Bad Boy MZ Magnum

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    Beyond high performance, the lawn mower offers several convenience features. The control levers have soft grips to keeps your hands strain-free while you steer the riding mower. The large, soft seat keeps you comfortable even on long jobs, and a cup holder lets you keep your water close at hand to avoid dehydration. The fuel tank holds 3 gallons, so you don't need to stop and refuel your riding mower during work, and the fuel gauge is a see-through section of the gas tank so that you can always tell the gas level.

    Should you buy the Bad Boy MZ Magnum? 

    The Bad Boy MZ Magnum lawn mower is one of the most feature-rich, high-performance mowers available. The zero-turn mower capability, high speed and wide cut let you do the same work in a fraction of the time for a fair price.

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