Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower Review

The Husqvarna YTH18542 is a consumer-grade riding lawn mower that yields professional-level results.

Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower Review
(Image: © Lowe's)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

If you want professional-level results without hiring a service, this is the riding mower worth considering.


  • +

    Very compact, which makes it easy to maneuver and store

  • +

    Air induction gives a consistent cut

  • +

    Great safety features


  • -

    Comparatively small fuel tank

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The Husqvarna YTH18542 is a consumer-grade mower that yields professional-level results. It’s small and easy to operate, and has several convenient features that make cutting your lawn less of a chore. It comes equipped with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine and a 2.5-gallon fuel tank, which is about a gallon less than some other machines we evaluated for our best riding lawn mowers guide. 

But considering the Husqvarna YTH18542's size and fuel efficiency, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run out of gas while mowing an average- to large-sized lawn. Its reinforced cutting deck is constructed out of flat-stock steel, which is great for withstanding the elements and the wear and tear that comes with mowing your yard regularly.

Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower: What you need to know

When it comes to cutting grass, the Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower has some unique technology that ensures you get the best cut possible. For example, it employs air induction, which enhances airflow through the deck, so you get a more consistent cut. 

The transmission on this mower is pedal-operated and hydrostatic, which means you control both speed and direction with your feet, letting you keep both hands on the wheel. This method gives you greater control, so you can be certain it will go where you want it to.

Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower is pedal operated. (Image credit: Lowe's)

The machine’s cruise control is a handy feature, especially if you’re mowing over uneven terrain. It will maintain a constant speed, no matter what you happen to be rolling over. This takes the guesswork out of safely traversing small hills, inclines and other obstacles.

One of the biggest selling points of this riding lawn mower is its size. It’s about as compact as they come, which makes it much easier to maneuver and store. Despite its small stature, it has a cutting width of 42 inches, which is about double of what you’ll get on the largest push-mower. It also has a number of convenience features such as an adjustable sliding seat, which is also ergonomically designed for maximum comfort while you mow. Under the seat, you’ll find a safety switch that will automatically shut the machine down if you leave the seat. This reduces the likelihood of injury if you ever have an accident that throws you from your chair.

Should you buy the Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower?

With small flaws and large benefits, it’s hard to go wrong with this riding lawn mower. It’s compact, maneuverable and easy to store. It also has a great engine and several options and accessories that make the chore of mowing your lawn that much more bearable.

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