Pros / The basic plan has high free towing distance limits.

Cons / You have to pay for some parts and labor when you use a locksmith.

 Verdict / Paragon Motor Club offers fewer benefits than other roadside assistance providers, and it’s more expensive.

Paragon is one of the least impressive motor clubs we reviewed, offering basic services at a higher price than the other roadside assistance providers we looked at. Its basic plan costs $85 a year – $30 more than Allstate and AARP charge per year.

Paragon stands out by having one of the largest towing limits. On the Classic plan, you get 15 miles of free towing. Most competing basic plans offer 5 miles of free towing, and Paragon’s longer limit is useful if you’re stranded in a rural area.

The Classic plan also includes flat tire assistance, jump-starts and locksmith services. However, you are still required to pay for some parts and labor when you use a locksmith. Also, if your car needs to be extracted or winched from a ditch or other off-road area, Paragon covers $100 of the cost.

Another advantage of Paragon’s roadside assistance plans is that each membership includes a free associate member, so you can add your spouse without paying extra. You need to pay a small fee to add additional drivers beyond your spouse.

Paragon’s Advantage plan is more expensive, costing $100 annually, or about $8 a month. That’s about in line with the average cost of a premium roadside assistance plan. The Advantage plan includes 100 miles of free towing, which is also standard in the industry for premium subscriptions. If you travel often, especially in rural areas, this plan may be worth considering.

If you’re in an accident 100 miles or more from your home, the Advantage plan reimburses you up to $1,000 for expenses like lodging, meals and rental cars. The same reimbursement is available if your vehicle is stolen.

The Advantage plan also includes access to an online portal that can help you plan your travel. This portal includes hotel recommendations and some discounts. Paragon doesn’t offer as many discounts as other services, so its main benefit lies in its roadside assistance services, which don’t particularly standout from those offered by other companies we reviewed.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Premium Services

Premium Towing Limits
100 Miles
Premium Locksmith Reimbursement
Premium Trip Interruption Reimbursement

Basic Services

Basic Towing Limits
15 miles
Basic Locksmith Reimbursement
Basic Fuel Delivery


Basic Membership
Premium Membership