Barnes & Noble is one of the most recognizable names in our online textbook rental buying guide and the best choice if you are someone who does a lot of highlighting in your textbooks. Writing and highlighting in rental textbooks is a bit of a gamble, but if you take care not to write a lot of notes and only highlight what you need, you’ll likely be fine.

This bookseller has a dedicated textbooks section on its website where you can buy new or used textbooks and rent or sell your textbooks. If you rent, you can choose rental periods of 60 days, one quarter or one semester. At the end of your rental period, just like with Amazon, if you need to extend your rental you will be automatically billed for a 15-day extension.

Barnes & Noble gives you the option to buy your textbook rentals at the end of the rental period, and your rental fee will be subtracted from the asking price for a used copy. If you choose to return your book, however, it can’t be damaged or overly written in or highlighted. If the wear and tear or writing is deemed excessive, you’ll be charged the full price of a used book.

If you need more than one book for your classes, this company will ship orders over $25 for free. You can also choose to have the books express-shipped to you for an extra fee.

When our rental textbook arrived from Barnes & Noble, it came in a small box and included several coupons. The coupons didn’t influence our opinion of the service very much, but we were impressed that this company sent the book in a box, which makes it easier to return books without having to scrounge up your own.

In terms of eTextbooks, Barnes & Noble offers multiple rental terms and also gives you the option to purchase lifetime access to the digital version. Digital rentals are available on PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android smartphones.

If you make a lot of highlights in your textbooks, Barnes & Noble textbook rentals may be the best service for you. Though you need to be careful not to excessively write or highlight in the book, this textbook rental service offers all the options you need to save money on renting your college textbooks.

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