iFlipd offers textbook rentals by the week – so you only have to pay for your textbook for as long as you need it. This company lets you rent textbooks online and then read and study them on your computer or smartphone.

This company isn’t our top pick for long-term rentals. If you are going to need a textbook for a whole semester of studying and completing assignments, you should use one of the other rental services in our buying guide, like Amazon or Chegg. However, if you’re nearing the end of the semester and you lost, sold or didn’t buy your textbook in the first place, iFlipd lets you rent on a week-by-week basis, which can be perfect for your last-minute cramming.

Like all of the textbook rental services we reviewed, iFlipd does give you the option to purchase your textbook outright from them. This company calculates the amount you need to pay to keep the book by letting you know how many weeks you need to rent the book for before it is yours.

If you rent a digital version of your textbook, you have the option to return it to iFlipd for credits or points. Because you rent by the week, every day is equal to an extra point. If you finish with four days left in the week, you are credited four points. Then someone else has the option to purchase those four days of access at a discount. Similarly, you can use your points to purchase partial weeks of rentals from others.

One downside to renting from this company is that it doesn’t have electronic versions of all its textbooks. If there isn’t an e-version, you can still rent a print copy from iFlipd, but then you have to wait on shipping. This negates the quick-access benefits of this company.

If you have questions or problems with your rentals, you can search a FAQs page or chat with representatives right on the iFlipd website. In our testing we found the chat service to be slow, but representatives eventually answered all of our questions.

iFlipd offers innovative rental terms that are great for short-term studying and cramming for midterms and finals. But if you need to study regularly from your textbook throughout the semester, you should choose a different company from our buying guide to rent your college textbooks.