Textbook Solutions is an online textbook rental company that also operates several physical stores in Texas and Florida. Like other bare-bones rental companies we reviewed, this company only rents physical copies of textbooks; there aren’t any eTextbooks available. If you're looking for eTextbooks, you might try Barnes & Noble's or Amazon's rental options. 

Additionally, this company only offers one rental period for its textbook rentals – Textbook Solutions divides the year into three “semesters”. If you are late returning your rental, this company will automatically charge you for a one-week extension before charging you for the full price of the textbook you’re renting.

If, however, you want to buy the book you’re renting, the rental price is deducted from the used price of the book and you are only charged the remaining cost. You can’t sell your textbooks back to this company, though, unless you live near one of its physical locations.

Textbook Solutions only allows minimal writing and highlighting in its books. and it will charge you the full price of the textbook if your marking is deemed to be excessive. If you are someone who really needs to take notes in your textbooks, we recommend that you highlight instead of taking notes, if possible. Textbook rental companies are much more permissive when it comes to highlighting versus taking notes in the margins.

If you order over $50 worth of textbooks from Textbook Solutions, you will qualify for free shipping. Returning your books is free, but you need to find a box to ship them in. Our test textbook arrived in a bubble-wrap envelope and we had to find a box to ship the book back in.

If you have troubles with your books or your account, you can reach out to Textbook Solutions by phone or email. This company also has a FAQs section on its website where you can get answers to many of your questions.

This textbook rental company is one of the least complete companies that we tested in our textbook rental reviews. Because it only offers one rental length and doesn’t offer any eTextbooks, we recommend that you rent your textbooks from one of the other services in our buying guide.

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