Pros / Using the mobile app you can quickly take pictures and submit claims information.

Cons / No discount for hybrid or electric vehicles.

 Verdict / Allstate has some of the best tools and features for filing claims and offers below average prices.

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the country, and it rates well on pricing, with rates that were below or around average when compared to the other insurers we reviewed. It also offers some of the best features of these insurance companies, with a mobile app that makes it easy to submit claims.

Cost is one of the biggest factors when choosing an insurance company. Allstate has good rates, below the average price of a policy in our lineup, but it’s not dramatically lower. We got quotes for a variety of common scenarios to see how Allstate compares.

Using third party research we took a car from the list of most expensive to insure and on from the least expensive to insure list and got quotes for each. We found that Allstate was slightly above average for the low cost car, $566 for a policy compared with $553 for the average policy. The policy for an expensive car was slightly below the average, with Allstate quoting us a policy for $688 and the average on our lineup being $702.

Policies for multiple cars offered more savings, and our Allstate quote was a few hundred dollars below the average. Adding a teenage driver to your policy can increase your premiums by up to 80 percent. Our quote for a policy with a young driver was $900, which was about $500 less that the average quote we got for teenage drivers.

Those quotes reflect the industry recommended coverage levels of 100/300/100. You can elect to get lower coverage, but will need to maintain your states required minimum, which is often in the 20/65/20 range. Our quote for the minimum policy was $329, around $50 less than the average for minimum policies.

There are many discount options available for Allstate policy holders. If you keep a clean driving record you can earn a discount on your policy. Discounts are also offered for students who maintain good grades and complete an Allstate safe driving program. Other discounts are offered for paying your policy at once and for making automatic payments.

Allstate also has what it calls the Drivewise program. This is similar to the programs offered by other insurance companies like Progressive. You’ll download an app that will monitor your driving habits. To get the best discount you’ll need to drive at safe speeds, limit hard stops and limit night driving. Unlike other programs, which give you a discount on the next 6 months of your policy, Drivewise gives you cash-back on the policy you already paid.

Allstate policies include rental reimbursement. At the most basic level you’ll get $30 per day and a total of $900 reimbursed. You can raise this level to your liking, and the cost increase is minimal, usually only a few dollars extra on your total policy.

One area where Allstate stands out is with its mobile app. You can file claims through the app and using the QuikFoto tool you can take pictures of the damage and submit a claim quickly. The app also lets you chat with Allstate agents who can answer questions and help you file your claim.

Allstate Auto Insurance Compare Quote

Specifications and Benchmarks


Rental Car Reimbursement
$30 per day / No max
Accident Forgiveness
Mobile App Filing


Good Student Discounts
Green Vehicle Discounts
Good Driver Discount
Smart Driving
Auto Pay Discount


Low Premium Car Quote (100/300/100)
High Premium Car Quote (100/300/100)
2-Car Policy Quote (100/300/100)
Minimum Policy Quote
Teenage Driver Policy Quote