Confronting one’s mortality is never an inviting prospect, but it is one of life’s unpleasant necessities that must be endured to protect loved ones from being shouldered with additional financial burden. Final expense insurance is a means by which to obtain that protection, and Security National Life’s Final Expense Plan is one available option. When considering a final expense insurance policy, costs to consider insuring include the casket, the facility, the funeral ceremony, the transfer, the burial, as well as the land plot and headstone. To ensure the most appropriate level of insurance coverage, these costs must be tallied and given to the insurance agent.

SNL’s policy differs from many in its ability to be purchased at any age. It is a whole life policy, meaning that it is valid for the entire life of the policyholder up to age 99. SNL also offers a guarantee that, once the policy is purchased, premium rates will never be raised and benefits cannot be reduced. This provides peace of mind in an already tumultuous time. This final expense insurance policy does not require a medical exam to qualify, which means anyone can apply. This makes it an essential means of final expense cost defrayment for people who, due to age or pre-existing condition, cannot obtain adequate insurance from other sources. Benefits begin immediately, which ensures peace of mind. The maximum payout for this policy is $25,000, with a fully customizable list of benefits that will make sure all needs are met, including burial and funeral costs.

Security National Life conducts all business online, which should be considered when taking into account whether to choose this policy. Policyholders set up an account online, and then log in to submit a claim. The process is straightforward for those who are proficient computer and internet users. Customers who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with submitting online claims may wish to look elsewhere for coverage.

SNL promises that benefit protection cannot ever be canceled for any reason, providing additional peace of mind. Whether choosing final expense insurance as a safety net or using it to bolster an existing life insurance claim, Security National Life’s Final Expense Plan covers the basics and helps to defray most end-of-life expenses.

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