The MobiSaver iOS data recovery software from EaseUs features two different methods by which to recover lost data. The most common backup method is scanning the original device by connecting it to a local computer via USB and extracting any salvageable data onto the computer’s hard drive. The other option is to use the EaseUs Data Recovery software to extract backup files from the local computer’s iTunes storage. The iTunes files may be encrypted, but EaseUs is equipped to decipher the encryptions and allow you access to the files. You should be advised that an Apple ID passcode is often required when dealing with encrypted iTunes backups.

EaseUs’s approach to iPhone data recovery is tiered. You can download the program’s Windows PC software or Mac OS software, and each operating system has a free version and a paid version. As you might expect, the free versions offer limited functionality. For example, they can only recover five contacts one time. In addition, you can only one photo or video file. Lost messages and WhatsApp chat history recovery are both listed as being recoverable on a limited basis. However, the software will recover notes, call history, calendars, reminders, and Safari bookmarks without limit.

The paid versions of this iPhone recovery tool can recover all types of files with no limits. Mac users should be aware that their version of the paid software is more expensive than the PC equivalent. Only the paid versions come with technical support. To put your mind at ease, this iPhone recovery software comes with 30-day money back guarantee and you can contact technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The tiered system of this program is a somewhat unorthodox approach to iOS data recovery, but another thing that may give you pause is the lack of testimonials on EaseUs’s website. The site has an area for testimonials, but only a handful cycle through before they start over again, giving the impression that not a lot of people have used this software to restore iOS data. The site also has a dearth of information in the form of tutorials and FAQs.

The tiered system and lack of information on the website don’t immediately give the impression that this is the best software to recover iPhone photos and other data. The saving grace is the money-back guarantee, or else it might be worth skipping altogether.

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