Pros / This speed reading application has the largest eBook selection and the most modern and easy-to-use interface.

Cons / Because there are so many eBooks, it can be difficult to sift through all of them to find one you are interested in.

 Verdict / 7 Speed Reading is as beautiful as it is easy to use, and it has full functionality in regards to exercises, tests, games, reporting and system compatibility.

In an age increasingly focused on apps, some people feel that downloadable or CD-based software looks antiquated and is difficult to use. This is not the case with the new 2016 version of 7 Speed Reading. It has a modern, visually appealing interface and is easy for users of any age to navigate and use. It has the largest eBook library of any other product featured on our lineup, plus it has an outstanding variety of speed reading and eye-training exercises, reading speed and comprehension tests, control settings and report functionality.

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Exercises & Tests

When you use this software for the first time, it will have you complete an initial speed assessment to determine your baseline reading speed. The software then works from that starting point, tracking the number of words per minute you read and helping you work toward a higher goal by way of a series of exercises. Each section of speed-reading and eye-training exercises are clearly labeled as to what they do, what level they are and how to use them.

This program works by flashing text – either whole or partial phrases – to help your brain learn to read grouped words instead of individual words, thereby gradually boosting your reading speed. It also has a variety of eye-training tests, which aim to strengthen your ocular muscles and increase your focus and peripheral field of vision. They use familiar household objects – such as an umbrella or shoe, for example – and rapidly move them around the page in patterns similar to those you use while reading. Stronger eyes can take in more information at once, letting your brain focus on comprehension and speed.

To truly be a good speed reader, you must be able to comprehend what you read no matter your speed. The best speed reading software gives you both reading speed and comprehension tests so you are always training at the most appropriate level or are held back if it seems like you are straining yourself. 7 Speed Reading does this well, and it provides the biggest variety of exercises for you to train with at any level, so you’ll never have to worry about getting bored.

In addition to exercises, 7 Speed Reading also supplies you with a variety of fun brain games, which incorporate the skills you are learning with classic fun. These are fun for any level of user, but are especially engaging for younger users.

Settings & Resources

Since the software has a bulging library featuring over 20,000 eBooks, you can undoubtedly find a text you’re interested in reading. With such a wide selection of eBooks to choose from, it can be hard to sift through them all to find what you want. You can choose from such categories as business, history, philosophy, fine arts, science, language, classic literature, personal development, law and more. Having such a wide selection helps you polish your skills while reading something you are interested in, further engaging your mind. Additionally, you can use the software to read any Wikipedia article, or you can import your own books and documents.

You can also use the software to read any web text, and the social function lets you share anything you’ve read with other software users you are friends with. To reduce eye strain, the software lets you customize your text font and size. Furthermore, you can manually adjust the speed of the text eReader, or you can let it automatically adjust as you progress through the lessons. If you're looking for a speed reading program for a school, we recommend AceReader because it has enterprise-level solutions that can be used in classrooms of any size.

Reporting & Security

The software works for an unlimited number of users. You alone can use it, or you can share it with your family. Additionally, it works well for school classes or larger organizations or corporate groups. A built-in administrative function lets you control what your users can see and access, all while letting anyone with administrative permissions see group test scores and progress. Individual users have password-protected accounts but can still see their own progress, words-per-minute rate and tests scores. If this program is too expensive, we recommend Speed Reader-X, because it costs less than half the price but still has a good learning system. 

Help & Support

Should you have questions or comments, the software company, eReflect, can be reached either via email or telephone, whichever you prefer. Though the software is highly intuitive and easy to use, it still has built-in tips and tutorials that you can refer to if you do have a question about something. EReflect’s website also has an FAQ section. The software is regularly updated, ensuring you are always using the most recent version and features. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and includes unlimited installs.


7 Speed Reading surpasses all the other software applications in our lineup in every way. It has a beautiful modern interface and a variety of reading and training exercises and tests. It is easy for readers of every age to use, and it even includes games. Reports are easy to pull and visually simple, not clunky or complex.

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