If you can draw it, the Crochet Designs software can turn it into a lace-like filet crochet pattern. Sand Castle Designs packs in the information regarding this fiber art form and how to use its software to achieve intricate works of art on your own.

The program opens up with an empty grid. Using a variety of drawing tools, you can quickly sketch out a pattern. The mirror tool and the copy/paste functions come in handy here, working together to create a kaleidoscope effect. The program automatically determines which stitches are required and where, and fashions the pattern accordingly. Tablecloths, wall hangings, curtains, and other home accents can all be designed by hand in this program.

For those who would like to crochet a pre-made pattern instead of making one from scratch, Crochet Designs has dozens of ready-to-use patterns for sale on its website. The image themes are as varied as Feudal Japan, South of the Border, Life in the Sea, and Easter Parade. Images that would be suitable to frame are under the heading Picture Perfect. There are religious patterns, floral patterns and even patterns for Corvette enthusiasts.

If you would like your original pattern to be included for sale on the Crochet Designs website, Sand Castle Designs allows you to submit your finished patterns for review. If selected, your pattern will be uploaded to the site’s Designer section, where other customers can purchase it.

The program itself is available for immediate download, or, for a little extra, you can order it on a CD-ROM. The cost of the program is about average, with the potential to make the money back by selling the patterns you create on Sand Castle Design’s website. In addition to paid patterns, the site also offers two simple geometric patterns that you can download free. These patterns are well-suited to beginners looking to try out filet crochet before they commit to purchasing the design software.

Currently Crochet Designs is available for Windows only, not Mac OS. There is tech support by way of a web form if the FAQ page doesn’t help to solve the problem. If you want a program that is Mac compatible, you might be interested in KnitBird.

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