Intwined Pattern Studio’s pattern-making software creates patterns for knitting, lace, crochet and weaving. With output image quality that is suitable for both web and print, Intwined enables all fiber artists to turn their creations into patterns that can be read and duplicated by anyone.

The program’s stitch library contains more than 200 stitches and symbols through which to communicate the pattern’s instructions. However, symbols can be customized or changed, and custom stitches can be added to your library for future use. Every chart that is created automatically receives a stitch legend denoting the meaning of each symbol. Text instructions can be quickly converted into a chart, and vice versa. There is also no size limit for the charts. Scalable vector graphics ensure that the ending pattern image is smooth, not blocky. Users can add or remove rows and assign an unlimited number of colors to stitches and borders. The height and width of stitches are adjustable as well. Any piece of the pattern can be mirrored, copied or flipped.

The software supports flat and round knitting styles, and it can export in a variety of high-quality file formats. For those who are constructing charts to post to knitting sites like Ravelry, the Intwined software has included the ability to import images to accompany your instructions. Visual examples work in tandem with written instructions to give a full idea of the finished product. If you're more interested in finding a clothing pattern software, you might be interested in Garment Designer.

The Intwined software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. There is no technical support hotline, but there is a web form for submitting support questions or concerns. There is also a page of FAQs to help with troubleshooting.

Examples of the user interface can be found in the Videos and Demos subcategory on the Intwined website. Here, you can gain a cursory knowledge of the behavior of the software, to get a sense of whether it’s right for you. The software cost is reasonable for what it offers. Because the patterns you create can be sold and distributed as you see fit, the potential for avid pattern-makers to make back the cost is considerable.

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