The Knitbird 2.0 knitting pattern software is designed to stoke your enthusiasm for crafting fiber arts. Started by “just a happy couple in Iceland,” the aesthetic suggests the rustic chic that is popular nowadays among the do-it-yourself crowd.

Knitbird is specifically a program designed to generate knitting charts, which are the diagrams used by knitters who are using multiple colors of yarn to create words or images. The program is straightforward, using common knitting symbols so that the patterns can be read by everyone. You can add customized symbols and instructions to make the directions extra clear.

You can also import image files onto the chart, and the program automatically reduces the number of colors used to ensure simplicity in the pattern. Knitting charts can be fairly repetitive at times, so Knitbird allows for one-click pattern repetition to save time. Designs can be mirrored or flipped, or copied and pasted. Finished patterns can be exported as a PDF file, or as a high-resolution PNG image suitable for use in professional settings. If you want a programs that offers more exporting options, you might be interested in Intwined Pattern Studio.

The look and feel of KnitBird is clean and well-organized. There is no fat to be trimmed. Every tool is useful.

Knitbird is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems, and it requires Adobe AIR to operate. A feature- and time-limited trial is available. There’s no formal tech support, but the website provides an email address and links to Knitbird on Facebook and Instagram.

Knitbird is clearly about keeping it simple. There is a distinct absence of clutter both on the website and in the user interface of the program, making it easier to navigate and thus more intuitive than some other programs. Even the fact that the program rounds down the colors of yarn needed to make a chart indicates an element of leanness and efficiency. Not everyone who tries Knitbird will share their patterns with the world, but Knitbird ensures that if you choose to take that step, the patterns will reflect professionalism in their easy-to-read simplicity.

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