The PatternMaster Boutique program from Wild Ginger Software aims to bring pattern-making to the hip, young DIY crowd. The Boutique program is built to design clothes for adult women, and it makes a point of having no upper size limit, encouraging women of all body types to design their own clothing.

The process begins with collecting and inputting measurements. Once your measurements are input, you can save them for indefinite future use. The system allows for up to 15 body measurements. The templates for dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets and jumpsuits can all be customized with adjustments to the neckline, sleeves, collars, pockets and cuffs. Sewing guides and style summaries with detailed measurements can be generated on the fly, and users can edit styles using the program’s CAD-style editor. Design and fit preferences can be saved for easier access in the future, saving you time. And PatternMaster’s yardage calculator helps users purchase an appropriate quantity of fabric.

The program features settings for 90 different designs and fits to ensure maximum customizability. It also enables you to print a style summary with sketches of the garment from different angles, the finished measurements listed, and all the pertinent design and fit information. Sewing guide sheets can be printed off as well, which list all the steps in a clear and concise fashion. The program doesn’t need any special drivers or third-party software in order to print patterns. However, users should note that PatternMaster Boutique is Windows-native, with no Mac version available. If you want a program that is Mac compatible, you might want to consider Dress Shop Quick Start.

The software’s price is at the high end, but Wild Ginger includes a 90-day money back guarantee, as well as customer service via both telephone and email. The list of FAQs for PatternMaster Boutique is extensive, and the website also provides newsletter sign-up and access to a community of patternmakers and sewing enthusiasts. The website has samples of a guide sheet, a summary and a print file to help potential users understand the way the program works. Wild Ginger also provides a demo version of PatternMaster Boutique. Prospective users can download these and use them to determine if the program is right for them.

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