Pros / It provides an automatic cost estimator for materials.

Cons / You do not get live chat with the customer support options.

 Verdict / TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro is intuitive and easy to use, offers many helpful design features, and provides numerous instructional videos to guide you through the process, making it competitive with the best kitchen design software.

Even if you’ve never worked with design software before, TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro is so user-friendly and filled with helpful tools that you can create a beautiful kitchen yourself. For starters, you get 100 video tutorials, so you can educate yourself about what you’re doing before you start designing or learn something specific while you’re progressing through your project.

This kitchen design software is equipped with 45 sample plans that you can adjust to your satisfaction, or you can make your own floor plan using the QuickStart menu. This menu offers rooms that are labeled and color-coded above a blank floor plan. As you add rooms, the software automatically creates 3D models of them. In addition, you can import a scanned plan of your existing kitchen. If you want, you can also import a blueprint or floor plan and trace over it, then eliminate the image, which leaves the outline of what you want for your kitchen.

This kitchen design program gives you tools to really add flair to your kitchen, such as a stair generator and the ability to make curved walls rather than the traditional straight ones. In addition, you will not be at a loss for objects for your kitchen. You can find items such as cabinets, countertops, appliances and furniture in this software’s 4,700-plus object library, and you can access even more additions through the SketchUp database. While this is a good amount of objects to choose from, programs like Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design offers more than 7,500.

Making these items part of your design is easy: You simply drag and drop, which you can do in either 2D or 3D views. If you like the way they look, they stay. If not, you can simply choose something else and keep experimenting until you have outfitted your kitchen with the countertops, furniture, appliances and anything else that makes it your dream kitchen.

If you encounter the illusion of objects appearing to float above the floor, you can simply delete and replace them and nothing will look like it’s hovering over the ground. In addition, you get tools to position such complicated things as electrical wiring, plumbing and anything related to HVAC.

Along with these features, this kitchen design tool includes designers for windows, doors, cabinets and even fireplaces if you want one in your kitchen. You can easily access such tools in an online color blender and select different colors and textures for the surfaces or areas in your newly redone kitchen. It won’t be difficult to stay within your budget, at least for the cost of materials, since this software automatically keeps a list of materials you will need and the estimated cost to buy them.

If you run into problems with your software, you can call IMSI Design or check the community forums on the website to see if someone else has encountered the same situation and figured out how to solve it. However, you do not get live chat, which is a useful and speedy way to get answers.

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  • Object Library Size
  1. Object libraries contain flooring options, light fixtures and window coverings.
    More is better
  2. 4  TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro
    4700.0 objects
  3. 7500.0 objects
  4. 6500.0 objects
  5. 4700.0 objects
  6. Category Average
    4216.5 objects


TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscaping Pro is one of the easiest to use of the applications we reviewed. It has the important tools to help you plan your remodeled kitchen or a new one altogether. These useful tools include a cost estimator as well as electrical and plumbing planners. Even beginning designers and DIY types can create a beautiful kitchen design with this software.

TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro 2017 Visit Site

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Automatic Cost Estimates
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Import Photos
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Stair Generator
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