Pros / This software has one of the best tools for importing and editing personal photos of your kitchen.

Cons / This program lacks an object library and construction tools.

 Verdict / Virtual Architect Instant Makeover is a useful tool for toggling between a current view of your kitchen and potential changes you'd like to make, but it won't work for reconstruction projects.

Virtual Architect Instant Makeover is unique kitchen design software. You can use this software to improve the look of your kitchen and dining room or create a plan to make over your entire house. This program is basic in its functionality, and it simplifies the process of interior design. Instead of creating a blueprint of the room in 2D view that you convert to a virtual 3D view, as most programs do, you simply upload a photo of your kitchen into the program and make changes to a real-life image.

After scanning a photo of your kitchen into the program, you isolate the portions of the room you want to update. For instance, you can click on the floor or countertops and change the materials, textures and color of those surfaces. You can change this virtual remodel as many times as you want so you can see what a variety of styles will look like before you actually remodel. This kitchen cabinet design software lets you toggle between before and after views of the changes you plan to make, and possibly rethink them along the way.

You can make use of a selection of sample plans to get a feel for the program and generate ideas for remodeling your own kitchen. Once you scan a photo of your own kitchen into the program you'll have an idea of how the program works.

The program is very straightforward to use. It relies mostly on importing photos and remodeling designs in a 3D view and provides several hints along the way to help you create your own plans. When it comes to DIY tools for remodeling a room, this is one of the best kitchen design software packages available. Its photo importing tool is one of the best we tested and was one of only two in our lineup to receive a perfect score in this category.

This kitchen design software didn't rank high in our reviews, however, because it lacks construction tools. If you plan to knock down a wall and reconstruct your kitchen or add a dining room area, this software would not be a good choice. For projects that involve a lot of reconstruction, it's best to have a program that lets you create a 2D plan with structural changes, which you then convert to a 3D view.

Since this program focuses on updating existing structures and real objects in your photo library, it doesn't rely on an object library like other programs. While there's no object library per se, it does have a selection of windows and doors that you can insert into your photo design to see how they fit with the layout of your kitchen and dining area. Changing doors and windows within this program is more complicated than a program with a 2D view, but it is nice to have as an option. If you need these features, consider upgrading to Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design.

Nova offers good support options. You can access video tutorials on its site to get you started using the program. It also has a helpful FAQ section and community forums you can access to get answers to questions you may encounter as you learn the program. You can also contact customer support directly, but you'll have to pay extra for phone support. However, there is a free live chat option.

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Virtual Architect Instant Makeover is a unique program that lets you create a plan for remodeling your kitchen from actual photos that you edit. As such, it has one of the best tools for importing and editing photos that we saw. However, if you plan to reconstruct your home or add sections to it, this program won't be helpful. If you are planning a simple DIY remodel project of your kitchen or other areas of your house, this program is a great choice.

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