Pros / The program’s wizard saves your information and can populate it into a new resume.

Cons / It has limited connectivity and download options.

 Verdict / Zety is easy to use, but it’s missing a few features that would make it one of the best resume builders. It also isn’t the best value out there.

Like many of the online resume builders we reviewed, Zety has fewer features than most downloadable programs. However, its simplicity makes resume creation feel easier than it does with more complex software. Rather than creating your document with drag-and-drop tools or filling in editable sections right on the page, Zety uses a wizard. Basically, you fill out a form and it generates your resume after you select a template.

After Zety generates your resume, you edit it as you would with a typical word processor. You can choose a font from a list of about 10 or use script to write in a different language – the program includes options for Hebrew, Arabic and a variety of Asian languages. Zety doesn’t have as many font or sizing options as CakeResume, although many of its resumes are a bit more colorful. You can select from a variety of premade coordinating color palettes to make your resume more attractive.

Like many of the best resume builders, Zety lets you adjust margins and spacing. You can also add sections to an existing template if you like how it looks but want to be more specific about your achievements and skills. In addition, you can go back to the wizard at any time to add or change information if you are concerned about how it appears in the preview mode. Few programs let you navigate back and forth between the preview and wizard building modes. In fact, some programs require you to start fresh from the beginning rather than just make simple adjustments if you fail to understand the wizard’s initial instructions.

Like many up-and-coming builders, Zety can create a URL for your resume, and you can share the link with employers. If you sign up for the Premium membership, employers and job seekers can access your resume from Zety’s platform. We couldn’t find embedded links to Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms like those in CakeResume, and you can only download your resume as a PDF. As such, you can’t make edits in a separate word processor, like you can do with LiveCareer's export options. There’s an option to download the plain text, but you have to start again if you lose the formatting.

This service doesn’t have a free trial. The basic version costs $4.99 a month, and it gives you access to four resume templates and unlimited downloads – you download and adjust your resume for as long as you pay the subscription fee. Zety’s Premium subscription costs $14.99 a month and gives you access to a cover letter builder, which is a standard feature of most job search and resume building websites and programs.

Zety’s limited number of colorful templates and editing tools makes it simpler than other software we reviewed. We found it easy to use and thought its resumes were good quality. However, we found programs with more sharing and download options that cost less. Overall, Zety is a solid choice if you need to make a resume fast.

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