Pros / This program allows you choose one guardian for all of your children or to name a different caregiver for each child.

Cons / The back button brings you to the beginning of the section you are working in rather than back to the previous screen or page.

 Verdict / WillMaker is a comprehensive program that helps you create a thorough and legally binding last will and testament.

Editor's Note: Quicken WillMaker Plus 2018 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the 2018 version when we next update the Will Software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Quicken WillMaker Plus 2017.

Writing a will brings peace of mind as the burden of caring for you loved ones is lifted from off your shoulders. Using an effective will-making software program helps make it even easier and cost effective since you don't have to worry about hiring an expensive attorney. Quicken WillMaker takes you through step-by-step as you do your own will, then saves it into a PDF format so you can print it out and have your witnesses sign it, making it one-hundred percent legal. This will software is one of the easiest to use with some features not found in other solutions.

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Document Creation Tools

When you choose a will-making solution, you need a program that is intuitive and easy to navigate, especially since there are legal terms and many pieces to a will that most people don't think about. WillMaker, by Quicken, has made it easy to do your own will by designing its program in interview style. As it goes through each section, you are asked specific questions about your property, children, savings accounts and insurance policies. Your answers are quickly inserted into a final document that you can then print, have signed, and be legal and binding.

The only inconvenience we encountered was using the program's back button. Rather than going back to the previous page or screen, the program takes you back to the beginning of the section, requiring you to tap next and go through each page again in order to get to the screen you need.

WillMaker includes a checklist that you can print off to help you gather all the important documents and sensitive information you need in order to create an in-depth document. There are worksheets within the program that allow you to work through tricky situations, such as bequeathing specific gifts and property to beneficiaries.

Within each section, legal terms are highlighted and clearly defined so that you understand why each piece of information is important and necessary for your last will and testament. This program also goes more in depth with its features and functions than other programs. For example, WillMaker is the only will-software program we reviewed that allows you to designate a new guardian for each child or pet rather than naming a sole custodian for all of them. It provides decent text fields for listing property and monetary gifts for individual beneficiaries, and it has a spellcheck to make sure everything is accurate.

As you progress through the program, WillMaker tracks your progress with a highlighted section on the sidebar. You are able to preview your document when you are finished to make sure everything looks great before saving and printing your final document.

Documents Created

The last will and testament is not the only important document needed for planning your estate. WillMaker allows you to create documents designating a Power of Attorney, outlining your final arrangements and explaining your health care directive, also known as a living will, so you can let loved ones know about your healthcare decisions in case you ever become incapacitated.

As you are making your will, WillMaker automatically creates the necessary documents, including letters of notification, to send to those you have chosen as caregivers to your children or pets, your executor, and those who will survive you after your death.

If you need to make any changes to your last will and testament, it is easy to reopen your files and make whatever changes are necessary. Sometimes a revocation document is nice so that you can inform everyone that changes have been made to important information and designations in the original document. WillMaker has revocation documents for both your health care directive and the power of attorney.

Help & Support

With any software program, especially those that deal with legal matters, it is always reassuring to have help and support available if needed. Unlike Legal Zoom, Quicken has some limited options available, such as a FAQs section and social media pages for connecting with support personnel. We couldn't find an email address or phone number listed on its website.

If you need legal help, you can use the WillMaker online directory to find an attorney in your area to help you with your projects and to make sure you're in compliance with your state and local laws. You can also browse through the legal information guide for references about several different legal situations beyond wills and trusts.


Quicken WillMaker is the best will-making software on our review. It is very intuitive, despite the inconvenience of the back button, and includes more in-depth information in your final document than other will programs on our lineup. This program automatically creates documents and letters to send and notify future caregivers and your executor of your will and final wishes. In addition to your last will and testament, WillMaker can help you create additional documents, such as health directives and power of attorney, to ensure everything for your estate is secure and taken care of.

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