Pros / This program has a huge loop library.

Cons / The drum plugins don’t sound great.

 Verdict / MAGIX Music Maker Premium is user-friendly and has a good selection of production tools to make your beats sound unique.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The developer has informed us that their new version, Music Maker 2019 Premium Edition is now available. Clicking the buy button will take you to this new version for purchase. We will post the new test results and reviews when we next test Music Production Software.

MAGIX Music Maker Premium is one of the best music production programs for novice musicians and producers. It has a vast loop library and user-friendly workflow, and it’s the cheapest program we tested. The software’s virtual instrument catalog is decent, but we suggest using a different program, such as Logic Pro X or Cubase Elements, if you plan to produce music exclusively with a MIDI keyboard and software instruments.

One of the most important features for a beat making program to have is a large, diverse loop library. In MAGIX Music Maker, you create songs and beats by dragging and dropping premade loops into the arrangement window. This production technique is important if you don’t have experience playing a keyboard or drum pads. You can create an entire song with the editing tools and your mouse.

To create a unique arrangement, you use the eight free virtual instruments included with the premium version. Unlike other programs we reviewed, MAGIX lets you choose your software instruments. You pick eight instruments from a list of 24, and if you want more, you can purchase them separately. Of the instruments we chose, we found the electric piano and vintage organ sounded the best. On the other hand, the drum sounds were a bit lacking compared to those in the best programs we tested.

This software is more than a beat maker – you can also add live instrumentation to your compositions. Music Maker Premium allows for an unlimited number of audio tracks, as well as an unlimited number of MIDI tracks. You label each audio track with a logo, such as a guitar or drum pad, to keep your session organized, though the software automatically labels the track when you drag and drop a loop into the arrangement window. You can also add plugin effects to your audio recordings but only two effects per channel.

We based our ease of use grade on how easy each program is to install and navigate. While this program has a user-friendly interface and installed seamlessly on our test computer, it was more frustrating to control virtual instruments with a MIDI keyboard than in most programs we reviewed. However, if you primarily use premade loops to finalize songs, MAGIX Music Maker’s standout feature, you shouldn’t have to mess with editing.

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MAGIX Music Maker Premium has a huge, varied loop library and a user-friendly interface you use to drag and drop loops into the arrangement window. We found most of the instruments were serviceable, but the drum plugins didn’t impress us. If you have little or no experience playing an instrument, this is a good low-cost program to help you learn the intricacies of music production.

MAGIX Music Maker Premium 2015 Visit Site

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