Pros / This program not only enables you to export video files that will play flawlessly on a plethora of devices; it also allows you to make files for your professional-grade video editing software.

Cons / Some of the most useful features, such as the ability to download videos from the internet, aren’t featured on the main interface.

 Verdict / If you need to create an MOV out of an AVI or create a custom video for your PSP, this application will get that all done for you without any trouble.

Although it doesn't break into award-winning territory, Aiseesoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate earns high marks in our review of the best Mac video converters. And it does so by offering a wealth of features that help you create the exact type of video files you need.

The interface of the software is quite easy to learn and use. When you launch the application, it immediately serves up instructions about how to use the program’s main functionality. Simply put, just add or drag the video that you want to convert into the interface, select the type of video you want from the library of preset output profiles and hit convert. The software allows you to load as many videos as you want into the interface, so if you want to make a video playlist for your iPad to watch on a long flight, this application is great for you.

The aforementioned preset output profiles is just a fancy way of saying that this Mac converter software enables you to optimize your videos for a specific device or service. For example, if you have a video that you ripped off a DVD that you want to watch on your smartphone, all you have to do is select what type of phone you have and Aiseesoft will create a file that is specifically tailored for that device. The list of compatible devices is comprehensive and covers all the most popular smartphones, tablets, gaming systems and much more.

This Mac video converter software also offers you some basic video editing features. You can trim unwanted footage and crop the video. Additionally, you have the ability to add watermarks and effect filters, and to convert 2D footage into 3D. These abilities are good as far as they go, which isn’t very far. If you want to perform real edits on your videos, this software allows you to export them for professional video editing suites such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

One other handy feature found in this software is the ability to download videos from the internet. This tool isn’t featured on the main screen; you have to select it from the top menu under “add video.” Other applications with this feature make it much easier to find. If there’s a video online that you’d like to have on your computer, simply get the URL of the video and paste it into the field the application provides. However, make sure you select the size that you want; by default, Aiseesoft downloads the lowest resolution available.

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Aiseesoft stands out as a truly useful program that is easy to use and has some powerful features. This program enables you to create files for nearly any device you own. It also allows you to perform basic edits for your videos and even create files for the professional editing programs. All and all, not a bad buy.

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