Pros / This software is tops when it comes to software design and granular control of conversion parameters.

Cons / The software lacks meaningful technical support and some advanced features like DVD burning.

 Verdict / For a casual user, this is a good choice. Even some veteran users will find great usefulness in this application. It's just not the best.

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate is a solid choice if you're looking to create video files specifically tailored to your needs. Its crisp and modern interface, wide format compatibility and granular controls earned it a spot in our review of the best Mac video converters. However, its lack of some features separates it from the top-tier products on our side-by-side comparison chart.

The first thing you notice about this software is how handsome the interface is. Unlike some of the other products in this category, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate embraces an interface that is clean, easy on the eyes and gives the appearance of a minimalist application. If we graded this category by aesthetics alone, Xilisoft would have claimed the top spot.

This software has many familiar features that we look for in the best video converters for Mac. All you need to do to convert a video file is load it into the program, select a preprogrammed output profile and click Start. Within minutes, you'll have a file tailor-made for a specific product, device or web service. You can also fine-tune your output profile or create a custom one for your specific needs. All of this is on the front screen, another hallmark of this software's wonderful design.

You also have some simple video editing features. The program enables you to trim the fat off clips or join two clips. You can also add some basic effects or convert a 2D clip into a 3D format. This all works well as far as it goes, but it's hardly comprehensive, and you won't win any Oscars with these tools. They are meant to provide the basic, unexciting essentials – which they do.

While all this is well and good, and no casual user would regret purchasing this product, some omissions keep it out of award-winning territory in our review of the best Mac video converters. This software lacks the ability to burn a converted file to a DVD or other optical disc. If you're a professional video editor, be aware you won't have the ability to generate a file specifically made for programs like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. And, curiously, Xilisoft does not offer any FAQs or tutorials for this software, which is odd because it offers these features for almost every other product it produces.

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Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate is a fine choice if you want to optimize a video on your computer for playback on a smartphone, tablet, gaming system, or to upload to sites like YouTube and Vimeo. It has an excellently designed interface, but its omission of some advanced features keep it from standing out.

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