Pros / This program produces a nearly perfect conversion of your video files. Only a trained eye can spot the imperfections in the picture.

Cons / It’s missing a couple of minor features like the ability to stream converted videos to a television or transfer directly to a mobile device.

 Verdict / Aimersoft is a fine company that produces high-quality software. Their video converter is no different. The flaws are small and the strengths are great, making this software application a solid choice.

Aimersoft Video Converter easily allows users to download, edit, convert and play nearly any type of video file on their hard drives or online. This product was edged out by Wondershare because it is missing a couple of output formats we like to see, but overall, Aimersoft has a lot to offer and is one of the best video converter programs.

One of the things we like best about this video converter application is the fact that it allows you to convert files by device type. For example, if you're carrying the latest iPhone in your pocket and want to convert videos specifically for it, simply select its output profile from the menu and click Convert. Aimersoft Video Converter creates an ideal file for that specific device. Another nice touch is the fact that Aimersoft includes basic video-editing functionality, which allows you to add special effects, crop videos, add effects, subtitles and more.

Aimersoft Video Converter has almost every feature we looked for, and most of these tools are easy to find. You can batch convert, batch convert multiple file types, merge files, split output files, set video dimensions, set start and end times, control video codec, video bitrate, frame rate, and more.

We were impressed with all of the ways you can control audio files. Many applications don't allow you to do much of anything with audio, but Aimersoft gives audio the respect it deserves. You can control audio codec, audio bitrate and sample rate, and extract audio and convert audio.

You can also control so many aspects of the appearance of your video output. Expect to have full control over things like brightness, contrast, saturation and more. You can even add watermarks and subtitles with ease. A dropdown menu makes it a cinch to make your movie look like old film or like a film negative. You can instantly make it look embossed too, or black and white. Not all visual effects are central to video conversion, but it makes so much sense to allow for that type of creative control within video converter software so you can do everything with one application.

Conversion tools are essentially useless if the program you're using can't produce a quality duplicate. Some of the lesser-rated applications in our lineup simply could not create a conversion that was free of imperfections like pixilation, compression artifact and other flaws. This is not the case with Aimersoft. When we evaluated the quality of our test conversion, we could only find minimal quality loss in the picture and no loss whatsoever in the sound.

This program also contains a few extra features not found in the lesser converters in our lineup. For example, the program allows you to burn your converted videos onto a DVD. This is a great feature if you want a physical backup of your digital video library. It can also fetch a video's metadata from the internet. This is useful if you've converted a movie and you want information like the director, cast, plot synopsis and more baked into your conversion. The program is even compatible with the new 4K video resolution standard. Many of the products on our lineup haven't yet caught up to this development in video technology.

One of the great things about this video converter is that is doubles as a basic video-editing application. If you want to convert on a small portion of a larger video, you can trim away the footage you don't want. You can also crop the frame, adjust picture values such as contrast, hue and saturation. The software also contains an effects library that allows you to place fun filters and other objects into your video before you convert it. These tools allow you to customize your video exactly the way you want it before you begin your conversion.

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Aimersoft Video Converter is a great video converter software that we recommend for a number of reasons. Its list of input and output file formats is a mile long. You can convert multiple videos in the same session. There are powerful clipping and editing features. You will always be pleased with the results.

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