Pros / This program converts your videos into any of the most common video formats and several uncommon ones.

Cons / The conversion process takes quite a long time, and the quality of the exported files is subpar at best.

 Verdict / AVS Video Converter is a basic program that is relatively easy to use, but its feature set and conversion quality leave a lot to be desired.

AVS Video Converter makes an appearance in our review of the best video converters. It offers an acceptable selection of both file formats and device-optimization profiles. However, it takes quite a long time to convert videos, and the end results are subpar. It also leaves out many of the extra features found in the best products in this category.

The most important feature of any video converter is its selection of file formats you can convert your videos to. This program has a library 17 video file formats available. These include both the most commonly used formats as well as a good selection of more obscure formats for advanced users. However, programs such as Wondershare and Aiseesoft video converters offer 20+ video formats.

All the movie converters in our review have a library of preprogrammed optimization profiles. These profiles tailor your conversion for specific devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, set-top boxes and more. AVS contains more than 90 such profiles. You should find a profile that suits the most popular devices. However, WinX HD Video Converter offers up to 400 conversion profiles so you can optimize your conversion for nearly any device on the market.

When we tested the conversion tools in this program, we found it took 45 minutes to convert an hour-long video. This is one of the longest conversion times in our review. This wouldn't be so bad if it produced high-quality results. Unfortunately, we found significant picture degradation. Heavy pixelation, compression artifacts and other flaws draw attention away from the content of the video. And unlike other products, there is no option to increase conversion quality.

One of the things we look for in this category is the ability to burn your converted videos to a blank DVD. And AVS Video Converter delivers on that feature. Once your video is ready, you can use the Menu button to create a professional-looking disc complete with navigation and chapters. And the discs it creates will work in any DVD player.

One small problem we noticed with this program is its lack luster compatibility with audio formats. There will be times that you want to convert a video file into a sound file. This feature is quite hard to find in AVS’s interface, and when you do find it, you only have two format options – MP3 and WAV. All the other programs in this category offer more than 10, with some offering up to 18 format options.

Adding to AVS’ problems is the fact that it omits almost all of the extra features we look for in the best video converter software. Some programs offer you the ability to download videos from sites like YouTube – a feature that is absent from this program. These abilities and more are what elevate a run-of-the-mill converter into a truly useful and versatile application.

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AVS Video Converter has the tools to earn a spot in our comparison. However, in practice, the program is slow and yields subpar results. It's also missing many of the features that could have earned it higher marks in our evaluation.

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